A Unique Gift For The Holiday Season

Wherever you are located now in the world, are you wondering what kind of gift I would give my loved ones at the incoming holiday season? If so, you are at the right place as we have the solution of a unique, creative yet budget gift and we are so sure they will be very satisfied at it.

As part of your loved ones tourist visit to Turkey within this holiday, do not let them waste the opportunity to makeover their smile and/or retrieve any missing tooth they might had already lost. And why not give yourself the same gift also that I am sure you will not regret.

Our dentists and health care team at our center in Istanbul are enthusiastic to help your loved ones and you in any kind of dental treatment including teeth implants, crowns, Hollywood Smile with veneers, Hollywood Smile with zircon crowns, teeth whitening, teeth, gum contouring, gum treatment or teeth pain remedy.

#dentcenterturkey is well prepared to offer you the utmost care you deserve and draw the best smile on your face at a reasonable price at our centre for Oral Health.

You can find below a list of most common services that we offer at our clinic, noting that Royal Health is provided with the latest equipment, use only high quality materials by a team of highly educated and skilled specialists and applies safety requirements including those related to covid-19 and its variations.

For Hollywood smiles we use either veneers or zircon crowns.

Veneers lenses are ceramic grades fabricated from zirconium, they are usually used as a solution of cosmetic cases when teeth have no orthodontic issues and there are no overlay or warp in the teeth; thus it shall not involve teeth carving.

In another words it is used when the service recipient’s teeth are entirely flat and have well gum health

Zircon crowns: are complete dental crowns made of zirconium, they are used for cosmetic remedies when there is an issue with dental layering or there is a movement in the teeth causing an overlapping of teeth on each other. They involve tooth carving.

Compensation of a missing teeth can also be done instead of implantation if the implant cost was an issue as per the requirements of the patient.

You can always contact us and send us an image of your teeth to offer you the best solution to your particular case after we diagnose it by our team of dentists 

Veneer Cost per tooth is $ 250 (or € 230)

Zircon crown Cost per tooth is $ 150 (or € 135) 

Implant Cost per tooth is € 450 + € 135 to install the new tooth.

Teeth Whitening by Laser with full cleaning Cost are € 300 (in 1 session)

Gum contouring Cost is € 50 per tooth

Gum treatment Cost is € 100

Tooth nerve extraction Cost is € 100

Other simple treatments are always below € 100

Visit us at https://dentcenterturkey.com/ to reserve your appointment today

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