Unhealthy activities in liberal societies

Unhealthy activities

There are many unhealthy activities that our society has adopted, like poor eating, which will be the reason for adopting diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer in later life. A tenfold increment in heart diseases is due to unhealthy eating habits. While these diseases have been unveiled in later adulthood, the children have shown such signs in their childhood by their eating habits. 

Hence, to get the proper vision of the children’s low health regimes, it is compulsory to get a clear picture of what children are doing as they are growing up. Most of the epidemiologists who are researching heart diseases are searching for teens and kids’ unhealthy behaviors. Hence to study the unhealthy habits that have been commonly adopted by our youth society mainly are:

  • Overall poor diet quality
  • They are not matching with the national physical health regimes.
  • Spending most of their time on screen per day, excluding school time
  • Having fast food more times in a day
  • Smoking 

Common unhealthy behaviors in teens

We have observed that more than half of the world?s teens spend more than two hours on their screen. Screen times are the real reasons behind adopting such unhealthy regimes. Moreover, it is common to observe around the world. Also, all those children with the same screen time have adopted such harmful rules. 

How screen time contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle?

Screen time more than recommended leads to several health problems arising from the habits of procrastinating things, laying on the bed over the whole day, and scrolling down social media aimlessly. In addition to this, children and teens spend time on social media, which is the root of depression and overthinking nowadays. 

Excessive screen time is shared among the children of 16 to 19 years old.  Moreover, children of such age develop an unhealthy dietary pattern. Also, such habits can be the root of consuming harmful drugs and smoking. 

Harmful effects of unhealthy screen time

  1. Obesity 

A little of two hours of Screen time can be a reason to increase in weight, heart diseases, diabetes, and other lethal problems in adults. Moreover, there are several other reasons to blame on obesity that can be a sedentary lifestyle, worse eating habits, and poor sleep patterns. 

  1. Vision problems 

You can have the risk of developing a computer vision syndrome. It is the symptoms of dry eyes, strained, blurred vision, and other headaches problems. 

  1. Back pain and chronic neck

Poor posture while sitting all the time can be the reason for creating back pains and other chronic pains.

  1. Poor sleep pattern 

It is the matter of the fact that sleep pattern is as important as the duration of sleep. Moreover, the more you use screens, it ultimately affects sleep. It is because the blue light from the screen can be the reason for creating screen problems. 

  1. Early death 

It is because spending too much time in front of the screen can create problems with cardiovascular health, which will impact on the mortality risk ultimately. 

  1. Education problem 

Moreover, the elementary school kids who are using their digital devices are not showing well in their academic tests. 

  1. Violence 

Such people are prone to control themselves, and they get harsh on every little thing coming along their way. 

How to develop a healthy regime?

There are several ways to develop a healthy regime, and most of them are from our stomach. Hence, eating healthy food, which is of fruits and vegetables, also after limiting sugar and beverages as well. 

  • Family screen time rules 

It is essential to set limits for your children to use digital devices for healthy regimes. You need to establish such limits like:

  • No mobile phones during mealtime
  • No cell phone in the car
  • The cell phone is not allowed in bedtime

Also, create some digital detox for your whole family. There must be the screen filter time for you for the weekend in a week. It is a healthy regime for everyone for their emotional health and physical health too. 

  • Spy app

A sound monitoring device is a must if you wish to develop a lifestyle. It can be a good source of creating a healthy regime after creating a real-time monitoring software invigilation to your family device. With the help of a spy app, you can check their screen time and even limit it accordingly. In addition to this, you can monitor their social media and others. 


If you wish to track a cell phone?s screen time, then android spy software can be the best. It has all the versatile and highly optimized features that can make your spying experience more fruitful. In addition to this, you can proffer in your life with the help of this advanced and smart tracking software. You can create a healthy regime with a par excellence regime after curbing their screen time.?

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