Understanding Holistic Wellness for Women

Holistic wellness is growing in popularity among women who are interested in a new approach to maintaining their overall health, but what does it involve? Essentially, it’s a process of maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health through preventative choices and natural treatments. The idea is to create a strategy for addressing these three aspects of health with one plan.

Start With Your Diet

The first step in changing your lifestyle is likely going to be the hardest, although this will depend on the lifestyle you have previously led up to this point. This is the time to ditch your bad habits, such as coffee, soda, and sugary sweets. Instead, your diet should consist of wholesome, plant-based foods that aren’t pre-packaged. Eating lean red meat, poultry, and wild-caught fish is also permitted. If you find it difficult to make drastic changes, start slowly. Buy whole-wheat bread instead of white, eat frozen strawberries instead of ice cream, and munch on nuts instead of potato chips.

Add More Exercise to Your Routine

You’ll find that physical activity helps the spirit and mind as much as it benefits the body, so look for more ways to fit exercise into your routine. Start by taking a bicycle to run errands. You can choose the parking space furthest from a building’s entrance to maximize the distance you’ll have to walk.

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Additionally, choose a different type of exercise each night to keep your interest alive and to strengthen different muscle groups. You should hit the gym three or four times a week for resistance training, but the rest of the week should be devoted to other activities that you enjoy. Bicycling, swimming, and tennis are just a few ideas you can try.

Consult a Naturopathic Doctor

Before you need to see a doctor, you should find a healthcare professional whose philosophy aligns with your new lifestyle. A naturopathic doctor will be more open to suggesting personalized homeopathic remedies for the medical conditions you develop. They will be more knowledgeable about holistic health as well, which means you can rely on them to suggest preventative care practices. This type of caregiver is more likely to recommend natural treatments, such as chiropractic care, for conditions that might otherwise be treated with harmful or addictive drugs.

Change Your Style of Dress

There are many fashion choices women make without realizing the consequences those choices have on their health. For example, wearing heels too frequently can lead to spine and back problems later in life. As you walk on high heels, the impact sends a shock wave up through your spinal column, leading to a misalignment that can affect various aspects of your health. Think about the other types of clothing that impact your health, such as compression clothing and support bras. Look for options that promote better health, while helping you feel good about your appearance.

Heal Your Energy

Modern medicine is finally recognizing the positive impact that certain ancient treatments have on the mind and body. Some ancient practices, including Reiki and acupuncture, seek to alleviate physical conditions by manipulating the energy in the body. The concept is that irregular energy flow is the underlying cause of inflammation, pain, and decreased mobility. By restoring the healthy flow of energy, these types of treatments can alleviate stress, reduce pain, and even help the body heal faster.

Treat Your Mental Health

Many women ignore the importance of good mental health because an emotional problem doesn’t seem to interfere with their daily activities. However, once you begin talking to a therapist or life coach, you will begin to see how emotional problems have interfered with your day-to-day life.

Through counseling, you’ll learn how to focus your emotions and concentrate on your goals. You’ll learn to accept personal accountability for your actions, and you’ll learn to reward yourself for your achievements. If you do suffer from depression, anxiety, or another form of mental illness, you’ll also receive professional treatment for those conditions. Seeking mental health counseling can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life.

There are plenty of resources online and in your own community that can teach you more about holistic wellness. In addition to finding support groups in your community, try to find resources that will help you develop a holistic plan for wellness. This should include spiritual guidance as well as help in creating a plan for better physical and emotional health. Once every aspect of your health is being addressed, you’ll find that you get more enjoyment out of each day.

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