Understanding the Technology of Electronic Signature Online

There are reliable software applications and products that create electronic signature online by combining digital technologies with electronic graphic signatures of their handwritten signature. This is both safe and easy to implement. The procedure is base on the industry-standard “Public Key Infrastructure” – or in technical terms: asymmetric cryptography. In a PKI system, the user is assign a key pair that includes a private and a public key. 

These keys are use to encrypt / decrypt document information, primarily for digitally signing an electronic document and verifying the owner’s signature. This private key is kept exclusively with the owner of the document and is store confidentially, which guarantees the security of the data.

electronic signature online

This digital technology uses a cryptographic function, “hashing,” which is use to generate and authenticate the signature. The “hash” function uses an algorithm to generate a digital “fingerprint” or an encrypt message. This encrypt message is technically unique for both the signing parties and the document. 

This guarantees that the person signing is the originator of the document. This way, the document cannot be reuse, reprint or assign to someone else once it has been sign by the originator. It is comparable to “sealing” the document with a protective seal. Any changes made after the document has been sign using this digital process will be consider illegal which subsequently invalidates the signatures.

How does electronic signature Online work?

When the owner (who has the private key) wants to send a document to someone, he signs it with that private key. The process is initiate with a mathematical function that generates a document hash or message digest. This document hash is digitally sign with the owner’s private key and then insert into the message. 

The owner can then send the original document with the digital signature on it using his public key. The recipient verifies that the document belongs to the owner by using this public key, which initiates a signature verification process for authentication. The hash value of the receive message is calculate and compare with the values ​​of the original document, and if it matches, the owner’s signature is confirm.

What are the advantages of digital signatures?

To briefly describe them:

  • An E-signature online app validates the signatures and protects the document against non-repudiation.
  • The process is simpler, seamless and saves time as you can digitally sign documents with one click. Even if you live far away from the document owner.
  • It saves an organization or business thousands of dollars annually on printing, buying paper and ink. And mailing important documents locally or internationally.
  • It promotes “green” environmental practice by working paperless.
  • Its protects the data integrity of the documents and ensures better compliance with legal regulations.

How electronic signature online is going to help in the future?

Since the world is becoming more and more digital in daily life functions. The same security must still be guarantee with these digital materials as before. It’s no different from the best online signature app. Which has made it possible to make signatures even when no papers are involve. When it comes to looking at a system that enables digital signature online pdf. It is important to look at the various features that make it stand out. 

The ability of an e-signature to be use in multiple applications can be of great help to any user. This will help one use that type of signature whether the document is written in InfoPath, Adobe Acrobat, Outlook, Microsoft Word, and the like. This will ensure that flexibility is achieve, as was the case using traditional methods of signing.


Another function that makes the Customize and Standard E-Signature system useful for the user is that different users from different areas can sign. This ability to allow multiple signatures makes it even faster when approving certain types of documents. By assigning documents to different people who need their signature. It doesn’t matter where they are, as all information is sent over the Internet. 

Last Verdict

The simplicity with which an electronic signature online system works can go a long way in helping it achieve its purpose. Just as the traditional way of signing was done with ease. The electronic way of signing must also be done to ensure that both the system’s setup and use are easy. The system’s complexity should be minimize. So that one does not have to go through a lengthy process to set the electronic signature.

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