Risks Faced By Sanitation Workers Which Have Many Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturers Concerned

Every year thousands of sanitation workers die because they were subjected to an environment which took an instant toll on their health. Even though the pipe manufacturers are not at fault directly here, but there are some ways with the help of which they could have brought a change. Today we will take a look at some of the major health hazards which are possessed by the drainage system when a sanitation worker enters the underground drainage pipeand understand what can be done to make the situation better.

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The condition of sanitation workers who have to spend the best part of their lives in some underground drainage pipe is truly miserable. One can only imagine what it is like to spend hours in fixing something down there. To add to the repulsive nature of the job, the confined space in which they have to operate makes it even worse. They have to move their hands in order to deal with whatever it is that has broken down there.

The feeling of suffocation and the claustrophobia are overwhelming and take a huge toll on their mental and physical health. The manufacturers of SWR pipe and other sewage and drainage pipe are constantly trying to find out the solution of this problem.


Toxic gases which emerge in the form of fumes from several underground drainage pipes have made their way to the nostrils of many sanitation workers thereby killing them. This must be stopped and one way to do it is that sewage pipe manufacturers must come with a pipe which does not let the waste rest on its wall for too long and thereby preventing the eventual decay of the same. Many SWR pipe, plumbing pipe and water pipe manufacturers are trying to unlock this feat, but it is yet to be seen whether they will succeed.


Several plumbing pipes and water pipes are used in sewage and drainage systems which do not really belong there. Drainage and sewage system require robust pipes which can withstand the different types of environmental adversities offered in the sewage line. The use of robust pipes will prevent the leaks and thereby ensure the safety of sanitation workers.


When the chemicals inside the sewage system react with each other, they lead to the formation of gases which might be reactive in nature. These reactive gases interact and result in fires and blasts. Now, if the pipes used in drainage and sewage are not fire resistant enough, then the risk of the fire getting worse will increase and it will affect the entire city. Therefore, installation of robust and highly fire resistant pipes must be done in a sewage system and drainage system to protect the sanitation workers and people of the city.


The lack of strong drainage and sewage pipes has been the reason behind the plight of many sanitation workers because these pipes wear down easily and therefore demand servicing as soon as possible and that is where sanitation workers come in to do the needful. But due to the reasons mentioned above, they often suffer terrible injuries or die at the hands of the poor condition of the sewage system. Hence, the pipes manufactured by the top pipe manufacturers in India must be durable enough to withstand the extreme conditions in a sewage system.

The above risks are faced by people who are into sanitation work and the responsibility to give them a less hazardous environment falls upon us. When we use “us”, we mean the people, the pipe manufacturers, the government and the department responsible for sanitation. India has faced a lot of death from this lot and it would be highly unpleasant to know that even in the twenty first century, people are dying because of this reason. Therefore, it is important to consider these risks so that a few lives can be saved.

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