Ultrasound Tests ? Overview, Benefits, Risks and More

Ultrasounds have been used for centuries to continuously revolutionize the medical industry. Throughout the years, doctors have been using ultrasound as a medium that incorporates technology into medical machinery. An ultrasound test cost?in India can vary, depending from place to place and upon the type of procedure.??

What Is an Ultrasound Test? 

An ultrasound scan is a medical test that uses sound waves of high frequency to capture images from the inside of the body. An ultrasound test is also known as sonography. The technology used in this scan is similar to that used by radars and sonars, which help the military in detecting ships and planes.??

An ultrasound is generally used by doctors to see irregularities in tissues, organs and vessels in the body, without making an incision. Ultrasound tests generally take between 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the area that you want to get examined.  

Unlike other imaging scans like x-ray tests, ultrasounds use no radiation. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure. For this reason, it is the most preferred method among doctors to examine a developing fetus during pregnancy. An ultrasound is also used in infants to evaluate the hips, spine and brain.  

How Much Does a Sonography Cost? 

As discussed above, an ultrasound test cost varies from place to place. The reputation and the location of the lab centre play a vital role in determining the cost of the procedure. Furthermore, it also depends upon the area or the organ of the body being examined.  

One of the most essential factors that determine the cost of an ultrasound is the type of the procedure itself. Ultrasound tests fall into two categories ? therapeutic and diagnostic.  

Typically, diagnostic ultrasounds are more expensive than therapeutic scans. Moreover, ultrasound scans in hospitals cost more than private lab tests.  

Why Is an Ultrasound Test Performed? 

It is a popular misconception that ultrasound is only used to examine the development of a fetus when a woman is pregnant. These days, ultrasound scans can have a lot of other uses as well. A doctor may suggest sonography if you?re suffering from pain, swelling or other symptoms for a prolonged period.  

An ultrasound can provide views of many organs including the bladder, brain, eyes, ovaries, pancreas, thyroid, uterus, kidneys, liver, spleen and many more. An ultrasound test is also a helpful way to guide a surgeon?s movement during biopsies and other medical procedures.  

Ultrasound for Kidney Stones  

Kidney stones can easily be detected via ultrasound scans. A kidney ultrasound is a non-invasive exam that produces images used to diagnose kidney stones or other kidney-related conditions. Ultrasounds may also be used to examine the blood flow in the kidneys.  

Other conditions that the ultrasound can detect include cysts, tumours, fluid collection, and infections around the kidneys. Furthermore, kidney ultrasounds may also be used after a kidney transplant to examine the transplanted kidney.  

What Are the Risks of a Kidney Ultrasound? 

There is no pain or discomfort during kidney sonography. However, kidney ultrasounds may have some risks depending on your medical conditions or if you have some other diseases. Therefore, it is important to discuss it carefully with your physician before undergoing the procedure. Certain factors that may interfere with a kidney ultrasound include: 

  • Morbid obesity 
  • Intestinal gas 
  • Barium within the intestines 

Ultrasound To Confirm Pregnancy 

Fetal ultrasound is a process or a sonogram is an imaging technique that uses the help of sound waves to produce images of the fetus in the womb. Fetal sonograms can help your physician evaluate the child?s development and examine your pregnancy. In many cases, a fetal sonogram can also be used to evaluate or confirm a diagnosis related to the fetus.  

Why Is a Fetal Sonogram Essential for The Child? 

The first-trimester ultrasound is used to evaluate the size, presence and location of the pregnancy. It also helps in determining the number of babies and estimating the gestational age. Gestational age is the amount of time the woman has been pregnant.  

During the second or third trimester, an ultrasound is done to determine other features of a pregnancy, including fetal anatomy. A specialized sonogram is done when an abnormality is suspected based on your genetic records.  

What Other Conditions Can an Ultrasound Detect? 

While ultrasound scans do not produce as detailed images as CT scans or MRI scans, they are suggested to capture images of several soft-tissue diseases that are difficult to find using an x-ray or without the use of electromagnetic radiation.  

In addition to pregnancy, an ultrasound scan can detect a wide range of other conditions. An abdominal ultrasound is used to diagnose certain digestive problems, including gallstones, cysts, liver cancer, fatty liver diseases and many other stomach-related issues. Since a sonogram does not use any electromagnetic radiation, it generally does not cause any complications.  

Are Ultrasounds Safe? 

As discussed above, unlike x-rays, ultrasounds do not use electromagnetic radiation for providing images of organs. Due to this reason, they are considered safer alternatives to tests like x-rays.  

Sonography is a safe, non-invasive and painless procedure. Also, newer methods of ultrasound provide 3-D images, which makes it an effective and reliable diagnostic method. Moreover, it costs less than other imaging tests.  

What Can an Ultrasound Not Detect? 

Ultrasound is useful too, but it sure has its limitations. Sound waves do not travel accurately through bones, therefore ultrasound cannot diagnose conditions related to organs which are enclosed between bones, such as lungs.  

Ultrasound is also unable to see objects that are located deep inside the body. Moreover, ultrasounds cannot tell whether a tumour is a cancer or not. Being obese, however, can make an ultrasound process less accurate.  


Needless to say, an ultrasound is a highly useful tool. To find an accurate and reliable ultrasound path lab, simply search ?ultrasound near me? to get a suitable test centre near you. If you stay in Delhi NCR, City X-Rays and scan clinic?is the best path lab that offers test results at an affordable rate.?

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