Ultimate Guide to the WordPress Development

If you want to learn WordPress but need help figuring out where to start, this article will help you get started. You will learn the contents of a?finest WordPress certificate course, the different languages involved, and more.?Let’s start with the basics regarding what WordPress is.

Introduction to WordPress

To define WordPress in simple terms, the ‘factory analogy’ is used. Simply put, WordPress is a webpage-making factory!

Here are some things you need to know about WordPress:

  • WordPress is located on the server
  • The posts are the raw material, and MySQL database is its warehouse
  • The raw material is delivered by WordPress when it gets a production order
  • The factory’s assembly lines provide the type of data and the data flow
  • The PHP template files are the assembly lines for handling the display of the products
  • Plugins are the specialized outsourced contractors who enter the factory through the hooks system
  • The full HTML mark-up is the final product

Programming with WordPress

An online WordPress course with a certificate includes four technical languages. They are:

  1. PHP: The main programming language used by WordPress is PHP, and you’ll find it in all plugins and themes
  2. CSS: This programming language decides how webpages will be finally presented to the user
  3. HTML: This language is used by web browsers to convert code into a webpage having images, text, and more
  4. JavaScript: This language makes user interaction with the webpages easier

How Does WordPress Connect with the Web Browser?

You’ll learn the processes on the client-side computer and those on the server side. 

  • Server-Side Processes include providing and taking information from MySQL database along with complete PHP processing
  • Client-Side Processes include resource requests, enabling human-viewable webpages, and handling different user interactions. 

Core Principle of WordPress: Hooks System

Here are the highlights of the Hooks System: 

  • Your own code can be inserted anywhere in WordPress
  • Choose from two types of Hooks, Filter Hooks, and Action Hooks
  • Writing filter functions, action functions, and hooked functions

Developing WordPress Theme

The final section of the web development certificate online includes the fundamentals of theme development in WordPress. You will learn functions.php, the Loop, and template hierarchy. 

Why Use WordPress?

There are many reasons why you should use WordPress for your website or blog. WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS) that is used by millions of websites around the world. WordPress is easy to use and has a lot of features that make it a great platform for developing your website or blog.

Some of the reasons why you should use WordPress include:

  • WordPress is easy to use ? You can install and set up a WordPress site in minutes without any technical knowledge. WordPress is also very user-friendly, so you can easily add new content, pages, and posts without any HTML or coding knowledge.
  • WordPress is flexible ? There are thousands of free and premium themes and plugins available for WordPress that you can use to customize your site. You can also extend the functionality of WordPress with code snippets and plugins.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly ? WordPress sites are automatically optimized for search engines like Google, so you don?t need to do anything special to get your site indexed and ranked in the search results.
  • WordPress is secure ? WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting which includes regular security updates and monitoring to keep your site safe from hackers.
  • WordPress is popular ? Over 25% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, so you can be sure that it?s a platform that will be around for many years to come.


Learning the basics of WordPress development opens the doors of opportunity for you in the website creation industry. Learning WordPress is easier than you think, and there are online learning platforms like?Cudoo?that help you get started with the basics. Ready to design your website? Begin now!

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