Ultimate Guide On Avaya 9611G Voice Over IP Phone!

Among various business telecom industries, Avaya has become one of the greatest and most numerous organizations in the world. The company specialises in various business communication services, including unified communication and contact center. With the large production of IP phone devices, headsets, conference phones and all-in-one video conferencing devices, Avaya has attained a good reputation in the market, plus helping businesses to accelerate digital transformation.

Being one of the leading business communication service providers in the world, Avaya is armed with various services and products that revolve around business communications. It makes the experience of every company more seamless and connected, which further makes the productivity more efficient and effective. Through intelligent connections, Avaya is able to deliver reliable and hands-on solutions to its customers in order to attain maximum benefit. And due to all these reasons, Avaya has become one of the world’s leaders in business communication solutions.

This isn’t only enough!

Avaya offers a line of powerful series over desktop IP phones, which are brilliant in audio quality, low power requirements, customizability and high performance. The phones have context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large touchscreens, which provide enhanced call control to make the process of calling or answering phone calls easy.

Among Avaya 9600 Series IP Telephones, the various models are – 9601, 9608/9608G, 9611G, 9621G, and 9641G/9641GS.

And, in this guide, we’ll explain in detail about the Avaya 9611G voice over IP phone.

So, let’s get started.

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What is a 9611G Voice Over IP Phone?

Wrapping Up!

What is a 9611G Voice Over IP Phone?

The Avaya 9611G IP Deskphone is a multi-line premium desktop, a reliable option for businesses who usually require highly qualified devices for communicating with their clients and customers. People who usually rely on rational communications and productivity-improving capabilities can opt for this device.

The 9611G is featured with various excellent specifications, including:

  • Traditional USB interface,
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet,
  • A Graphical colour display,
  • A full-duplex speakerphone.

All these features are adequate enough to make the design of the phone perfect for most phone users. In addition, the model also includes:

  • 8 buttons with dual-coloured LED buttons (Green, Red)
  • 4 soft keys for context-sensitive actions
  • 24 administrative buttons,
  • 8 lines display
  • 2 message-waiting indicators.

Being part of the 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the 9611G benefits the organizations with a secure and strong communication system from headquarters or remote locations. The model also brings evolutionary communication optimization through a flexible design that is ready to provide a maximum of advantages in the existing communications system and adapts to changing business processes.

Key Benefits Associated With Avaya 9611G Voice Over IP Phone

Now among us, there are not so few of those users who like to communicate with friends and colleagues at the most modern level. Two-way voice communication and even video communication has become for many a favourite way to talk to family and friends.

IP telephony provides tremendous opportunities. And IP telephony is communication protocols, technologies and methods that provide two-way voice communication. If you had to deal with it, then with a high probability you had to go with the equipment of the American company AVAYA.

Here are the following benefits attached to the Avaya 9611G IP phones!

  • It offers a simple traditional interface to confirm any requirements.
  • The model is featured with the total comfort of control and provides precise high competence.
  • The organised and familiar buttons designed on the IP phone provide an easy entrance for performing the various functions, from dialling a number to answering calls. On the other hand, adjustable soft keys accommodate the business people with the right and contextual guidance regarding further accessibility.
  • The model fulfils the demands of the most necessitate person who works in a noisy environment and requires clear and definite audio sound. Usually, it’s presented in the most integrated speakerphones and other venerable technology. An Avaya 9611 model has attained popularity in this technology.
  • It can easily provide a connection to headsets.
  • It has a generous space for storing contacts and calls logs that improves profitability and provides a more personalized space to the employee.

Features of Avaya 9611G

As mentioned above, the phone supports 24 programmable scroll buttons/functions. The labels for them are shown on the main display and can be controlled by adjacent buttons. Your system administrator or you can set the functions on the call appearance buttons/phone functions using self-management. But you can’t replace the logical line buttons set by the system interface or by the administrator. Some functions can be configured by system administrators that cannot be attributed to you.

The following functions of the Avaya 9611G are:

  • Conference calls;
  • Speakerphone (duplex);
  • Call definition (caller ID);
  • Voice mail;
  • Call hold;
  • Call forwarding;
  • Control of call and sound volume;
  • Call timer;
  • Broadband signal in the radio;
  • Support for Bluetooth and DECT headsets (optional);
  • Call history.

Wrapping Up!

Now, you can communicate over the Internet or over some other IP network. But, all equipment must be handled with care and only when you have thoroughly studied it. Actually, there is nothing difficult about it. Sometimes, even if you don’t have technical literacy, it’s enough to study the instruction manual for AVAYA equipment. It’s usually attached to purchase documents.

If you’re planning to buy Avaya 9611G, it’s recommended to take into account every aspect, from other customer reviews to budget considerations. So, you can bring a robust device to your home.

As an example, the technical supports of Avaya in Perth are highly skilled and professional which provide the right guidance over mounting a device in your business.

Thanks for reading!

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