9 Reasons Why UK Families Prefer Easter Holidays for Umrah

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Easter, the religious festival of Christianity, is celebrated all over the globe by many people. For  families in the UK, it is the best time to embark on the spiritual Umrah trip. Considering the rising demand for Umrah during Easter, many travel agencies have launched their specific all-inclusive Easter Umrah packages. Here are ten compelling reasons why UK  families are highly inclined toward these Umrah deals:

School Holidays

Easter holidays in the UK coincide with school breaks, making it the perfect time for planning a family Umrah trip. For parents, it is a great chance to spend quality time with their kids, talk to them on religious topics, and address their concerns. It is a favorable period to grow closer as a family and focus on faith. Families who are more into their religion often prefer these school holidays to enrich their kids’ spiritual well-being. Thus, going to Makkah and Madinah during Easter is not only a relaxing but also a learning experience for families. 

Work Breaks

Besides school holidays, Easter in the UK also observes work breaks in many companies. This means kids won’t miss school and parents won’t have to juggle work. Thus, they both have immense free time to spend together by performing Umrah. This not only strengthens family bonds but also offers moments of collective worship and reflection. It is the time when families can focus on their faith, without the distraction of daily chores. Therefore, many UK  embark on the holy Umrah trip to show their devotion and love for religion.

Pleasant Weather

During Easter, the weather in the Saudi state is cooler as compared to the summer months. It is great for families performing Umrah, especially the ones with kids and older people. Such a climate not only saves pilgrims from heat strokes and other health issues but also helps them focus more on their worship.

Without the hot sun, it is easier to walk around Kaaba and the hills of Safa and Marwah. This cool weather also supports families to explore more historical and religious sites in the Saudi state. Hence, UK families choose Easter holidays to complete their Umrah rites peacefully.

Cheap Travel Deals

During Easter, many travel agencies come out with cheap travel deals, especially for Umrah trips. From plane tickets and hotels to visas, these deals cut down costs on each facility. This means families can fulfill their divine Umrah trip without spending too much. 

Besides basic services, these packages also offer free meals, rides, and even tours to specific sites. During this time, travel companies prefer crafting Family Umrah packages to cater to the needs of  families. Moreover, many travel agencies allow pilgrims to pay for Easter Umrah packages in different ways. Some companies let pilgrims pay over time, which makes it easier to handle the costs. 

Less Crowd

Unlike peak seasons, Umrah during the Easter holidays is a good idea for UK families, especially those with kids. It is not as crowded as the Hajj and Ramadan times. From wearing the ihram to the final Tawaf, families can calmly perform each Umrah rite and earn countless blessings. With less crowd, pilgrims don’t need to wait for long and can easily move around the holy sites. 

Moreover, parents can also find a peaceful environment to teach their kids about the true meaning of Umrah. Families can have more personal time to pray and reflect in such calm surroundings. Besides these benefits, it is also easier for families to find hotels and transport within the Saudi state. Thus, many UK  plan Umrah in the Easter holidays to strengthen their divine bond.

Group Travel Options

Easter Umrah packages are often crafted to cater to the needs of groups of pilgrims. For kids, group traveling is the best opportunity to make new friends and learn from them. This not only fosters unity but also cuts Umrah costs for each pilgrim. 

These group trips often have guides to answer the concerns of keen pilgrims. Talking about the value of Umrah rites and  history in groups can add more meaning to the overall Umrah trip of UK  families. 

Access to Tailored Family Umrah Packages

Travel agencies know that UK  families prefer Easter break for Umrah. So, they tailor family deals, catering to the needs of big and small families. They aim to offer hotels with attached rooms, child care, and the best possible privacy. These packages have an array of food choices and an option to plan meal times around prayers.

They also set up Umrah times and site visits according to the preferences of kids and parents. With an expert guide, families can learn more about religion and history. Plus, these deals get families ready for both the spiritual and everyday parts of Umrah by arranging sessions before the trip. Hence, with tailored deals, travel agencies aim to offer a stressful Umrah trip to eager. 

Learning Opportunities for Kids

Umrah, the additional pilgrimage, is the best way to teach kids about. During Easter break, many UK families take their kids to the sacred Umrah trip. There, they interact with different people and learn about prayers and divine Umrah rites. Parents and local guides can tell them about the stories of prophets and the history of the Holy Kaaba. 

Indeed, going to Makkah and Madinah is like a field trip that teaches kids a lot. They can see many historical and religious places and boost their knowledge. From the Cave of Hira and Thawr to the Cave of Rahmah and Bani Haram, each place can enrich them with valuable lessons. 

Besides this, Umrah can also teach them how to be kind, humble, and helpful. They can learn the value of charity. Hence, Umrah during Easter is not just a trip; it is a chance to grow your kids spiritually. 

Cultural Exchange

For UK  families, Easter Umrah brings a chance to know the Saudi culture deeply. It is the time when the Saudi state hosts many local events. There are shows, exhibiting delicious food and traditional handmade crafts. Pilgrims can get into these festivals, try out new food, join in fun activities, and chat with the residents to explore their customs. This helps pilgrims make lasting memories that go beyond just the religious parts. 

In short, Easter break is a convenient time for UK families to embark on the sacred Umrah trip. Holy Travel, a renowned travel agency, provides you with all-inclusive Easter Umrah packages at reasonable prices. Contact today and make your Easter Umrah trip worth remembering. 


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