UberEats Clone – Widen Your Customer Base Using Online Food Delivery App

UberEats Clone App is a far-reaching on-demand food delivery app that has transformed how restaurants used to serve their customers. This food ordering sales have been soaring. Additionally, it allows the restaurants to reach out to the wider customer base without hefty investments.

Also, the users will satisfy their hunger pangs easily by ordering online using the UberEats clone app. Building an online food ordering system has numerous benefits. Thus, we have listed out significant ones of creating UberEats Clone App:

  • Better market reach
  • Reduces the administrative and operational costs
  • Increases in online orderings
  • Maximizes the profits
  • Safe and secured transactions
  • Enhanced productivity 

How Does An App like UberEats Work?

UberEats Clone App works to connect the customers and the restaurants on a single platform. Furthermore. it is one of the successful business models. Thus, helping users to find their food variety easily and quickly.

However, on the other side, the restaurants get to connect with the wider customer base easily without many investments.?

The Mechanism Of On-Demand Food Delivery App

One web panel deals with the users and another web panel deals with the restaurants and there is a separate web panel for the admins.?

  1. The restaurants will have to register and log in and upload their Food Menus. Once approved by the Admins, it will be visible for the users to place orders.
  2. The Delivery driver will have to register and log in to the app to start the job. However, the app requires adding personal details, as well as uploading the driving and vehicle documents. Once it has been verified and approved by the admin, the delivery driver can take up the deliveries and start earning.?
  3. The users will have to signup and log in for placing the food orders. The registering process is easy ? users are able to register using social media logins, email id or phone numbers.?
  4. When the customer wishes to order the food using UberEats Clone App. The app will provide the list of restaurants from the nearby location. The user will add the items from the menu and proceed with the checkout process.?
  5. The app has in-app multiple payment methods that offer hassle-free payment processing.?
  6. The order received by the restaurants, will sends confirmation. It starts preparing for the order placed and despatches to the nearby delivery driver.?
  7. The delivery driver then accepts/rejects the order. So, if rejected the order automatically goes to the else delivery driver.
  8. The live tracking of the delivery driver is available to the users. The delivery driver will leave the order at the doorstep.
  9. When the food order gets delivered, the amount is transferred to the respective restaurant or hotel. The Commission will be deducted before the amount transferred.?

Integrate UberEats Clone App With New Features

Restaurant wise commission

The admin can set different commission rates for every restaurant 

Daywise separate timeslot

The restaurant owner has the flexibility to set the working hours depending on the region they are based. 

Item name/restaurant name searching

The user can search the items within the menu as well as the restaurant names from the nearby locations 

Voice instructions for delivery drivers

The user will put specific instructions for the delivery drivers regarding specific delivery preferences.

Restaurants to upload their pictures

The restaurant owners can upload their pictures of their kitchen allowing customers to  know about their safety measures and cleanliness process

Order cancellation for delivery drivers

The delivery drivers have an option to cancel the delivery orders if they are unable to deliver due to unforeseen reasons

Face mask verifications 

The driver has to upload the selfie into the app ensuring that he/she is following the COVID19 safety measures

Graphical status of the rides

The rider will track the delivery driver on a real-time basis, notified in a graphical form via in-app notifications.

In Conclusion 

This covers most of the things about UberEats Clone Script Solution. Thus, before taking a plunge into building an on-demand food delivery app, consider the following pro tips:

  • Decide which type of business model you wish to launch
  • Determine your target audience and based on that design your revenue strategies
  • Decide the budget of your UberEats Clone App Development
  • Know your USPs ? Unique selling points
  • Plan your resources
  • Choose your demographic location after reviewing the market
  • Check your 

Our team is always in action experimenting with new technologies, providing solutions. Therefore, delighted to share their insights with you.

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