Four Different Types of Weighbridges and Their Advantages

Types of Weighbridges

Weighbridges are used to determine the weight of various heavy equipment and vehicles like heavy-duty trucks, trailers, or other sturdy and heavy vehicles. Vehicles in transit to transport or transfer goods from one production/distribution centre to another can be weighed easily with the help of weighbridges. 

While hiring or buying a weighbridge, you need to consider certain important factors to be suitable for your purpose. From costs to space availability, portability needs and the frequency of its use and purpose are some of the important parameters. Based on these features, the weighbridges can be classified into different types.

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Some of the major types of weighbridges and their specific advantages are mentioned in this article.

Types Of Weighbridges

1. Above Ground Weighbridge

Above Ground, Weighbridges are one of the most commonly used weighbridges. Because of its low area occupancy, this makes it a popular choice for industrial purposes.

The ergonomic installation, great strength, and rigidity of the structure of above ground weighbridges when loaded makes it a preferable choice.  Above ground, weighbridges are very cost-effective as it needs a limited site preparation. It has a simple design, installation, and has a favourable purchase price.

Above ground weighbridges require a greater surface area.  It is very easy to deploy and does not need major excavation work to set it up. As it is made of steel frames, this gives it great strength and rigidity that makes it suitable to support heavy vehicles.

The entry and exit ramps should have a length of 3 to 5 meters so that it is easy for the vehicles to climb on the weighbridge safely. On both the deck sides, the ‘clear-spaces’ should have a length of at least one meter. This ample allowance on the sides provides safety to the truck and ground operators.

These weighbridges can be multi-deck, twin deck, or single deck. The type which is suitable to use depends on the vehicle length that needs to be weighed.

2. Semi-Pit Weighbridge

The configuration of a semi-pit weighbridge can be either standardized or customized. It can feature multi-deck, twin deck, or single deck configuration which will depend on your business’s needs. Semi pit weighbridges do not require the installation of ramps. The semi pit weighbridges’ sidewall acts as the retaining walls that need to be installed at a distance of at least one meter from the deck side. 

Semi-pit weighbridges can also be customized based on site limitations and the availability of space with major width constraints. However, since it requires site preparation, like digging and pipe draining, this may bring up the cost.? It is mostly used for weighing waste management vehicles to make sure that the recyclable waste is effectively managed and distributed.

3. Fully In-Ground Weighbridge

As the name suggests, the trucking scales of these weighbridges are embedded into the ground. Hence, the installation requires extensive site preparation, like proper excavation and surveying.

These weighbridges are suitable if you are constrained with space limitations as it does not require ramps. The trucks can approach the weighbridge from any direction. This is most suitable for shared weighing and high traffic areas. It is also used for weighing livestock. Because of the site preparation and reinforcement it needs, the installation of these weighbridges can prove very expensive.  

4. Portable Weighbridges

Portable weighbridges find extensive use in non-trade operations and can be easily transported to multiple sites. It is mostly used in remote regions where weighbridges are required temporarily. Portable weighbridges can be attached/mounted to the larger vehicles.

The portable weighbridge is a popular choice because of its mobility. It is mostly put to use in the construction, transportation, and logging industries. It uses rectangular concrete slabs for load-bearing location. The portable weighbridges have a removable frame that acts as a rigid support base for deck or load cells. The deck is made of steel for relocation, or from a combination of steel and concrete. These weighbridges are easy to maintain as it can be easily carried to the service centre for maintenance.

To Conclude:

Before you purchase or hire a weighbridge, you need to assess certain factors like space availability, the type of vehicle you want to weigh, and the cost parameters. Based on this, you can choose the most suitable weighbridge from the different types mentioned in this article as per your industrial requirements.

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