Learn The Types Of Paving Stones With Their Applications

Paving is one of the ways to spice up your landscape. Given the variety of pavers available, you have to choose those that match your requirements whether it is a patio, driveway, parking area, or walkway. Most homeowners opt for asphalt pavers although there are other materials with distinct benefits to match aesthetics and performance requirements.

You have to understand that the right choice of pavers will give you good returns when it comes to property resale value and beauty. Professional landscape contractors recommend paving as an element of a hardscape theme. Before going ahead to install pavers in your yard, here is a guide on the options available with their benefits.  

Driveway pavers 

The pavers for the driveway are durable enough to support the weight of trucks and cars in your driveway. Concrete pavers are a manmade option that works well too. However, the choice is yours to select the ideal material for the choice of pavers in your driveway. For natural paving material, fired clay bricks are common and come in various shapes and colors. You can use these to create stunning and creating patterns. However, bricks are prone to cracking and chipping over time. 

Basalt pavers come in grey and black with a distinct look set in mortal. Pavers made out of marble are ideal for the driveways with options including ersatz and real marble to give a stunning look. Bluestone is a variety of sandstone thick enough for use on the driveway. Beware of manmade versions that won’t give you good value for money.   

Walkways, pool deck, and patio pavers

You have to team up with the best landscape contractor in Sacramento  for recommendations on the best paver material for these areas. Natural stone pavers are ideal for the driveway and other areas. Keep in mind that the pavers for the patio, walkway, and pool deck lack enough strength to hold a vehicle. Flagstone pavers formed as sediments years ago are shaped by nature to add randomness when laid out in the walkway. 

Besides, flagstone comes in various textures and colors with ant slip resistance to make them ideal for the walkways. Just like flagstone, travertine is also a result of sedimentation but with a perfect cut to create a uniform appearance. These are durable and don’t hold heat to allow walking barefoot. On the flipside, travertine pavers are prone to stains. 

Manmade stone pavers

One of the most popular types of pavers for landscape contractors is concrete pavers. These come in various colors to match holistic aesthetics for walkways, driveways, pool decks, and patios. The best thing about concrete is being affordable compared to clay bricks. Some of the benefits of concrete pavers include resistance to cracking, settling, and shifting of soil. However, concrete pavers are likely to fissure along the seams. 

Porcelain pavers 

Porcelain pavers are made from clay subjected to extreme temperatures. These pavers are fairly durable apart from severe cold temperatures. A good thing about these pavers is taking your landscape to the next level without robbing a bank. Natural stone pavers usually cost a bit more but there’s a chance to get affordable imitations. Porcelain pavers are available in various options to match your preference including natural stone imitations. 

You can have these pavers in mix and match options and create intricate patterns. An outdoor landscape needs slip-resistant hardscaping material. Fortunately, porcelain pavers have a textured grip to prevent chances of slipping. For areas that receive strong sunlight, porcelain pavers handle extreme temperatures and are water-resistant to overcome cracking. Lastly, porcelain pavers don’t need special sealing to maintain water resistance, don’t stain, or host mildew. 

Green pavers 

Rubber is an eco-friendly material for pavers. These pavers are from recycled car tires and don’t allow dropped objects to break. Rubber pavers are from used tire thread making them highly resistant to slipping. These pavers are ideal in various situations where safety is paramount including kids’ playgrounds, patios, public walkways, and nursing homes. Rubber pavers are extremely durable and work in various climates.

The growing need to protect the environment has encouraged various innovations from recycled plastic waste including pavers. The popularity of plastic pavers contributes to fewer hips on landfills and protects water bodies. These pavers can mimic stone surfaces making them ideal for areas. Another significant benefit of plastic pavers is the ability to limit flooding

Bottom line 

A home is one of the most significant investments you make in life. So, you have to leave no stone unturned to see that your home matches what you have always desired including giving it a beautiful landscape. Pavers are wonderful hardscape materials to enhance your landscape. A professional landscape contractor will recommend the ideal material for pavers to match your requirements and give you good value for your hard-earned money. 

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