3 types of engagement Jewellery

South Indian brides basically opt for temple jewellery where the name itself gives you an aura of grandeur and beauty. This style of South Indian engagement jewellery stands out among all other types of jewellery due to its very lustrous and royal appearance.

The jewellery worn by South Indian brides are very different from their North Indian counterparts. The whole bridal look of South Indian bride will be royally incomplete without the presence of the exquisite looking temple jewellery. Below are 5 types of temple jewellery that you need to know about.

matching silver rings

However, this doesn�t necessarily have to mean worn before or handed down. Jewels that have an antique appeal to them are becoming highly wanted in today�s world due to the state of the art craftsmanship, high quality gems and not to forget time worn looks. Below, are the styles of antique jewellery that you can opt for in your next social gathering.

This style of jewellery making includes the extravagance of rubies, diamond and sapphires and it originated in the Gujrati or Rajathani royal courts in the early 19th century. Its charm lies in its unique claw setting which is hard to miss. Also, Kundankari jewels are stone crusted and are often lined with vividly colored Meena. Modern fashion conscious brides are even today using Kundan necklaces, earrings, necklaces, etc.

1. Manga mala � Manga mala or mango mala is a traditional South Indian necklace and its most distinguishing feature is the use of the mango shape that has been used in the necklace. This motif used in South Indian engagement jewellery lends a uniqueness and beauty to the design. A heavier version of the mala or necklace is available with matching silver rings� and looks absolutely gorgeous with a Kanjeevaram saree.

However, a smart bride who wants to reuse the necklace for another occasion or festival and thus, would go for a lighter version of the necklace. It is one of the most intricate forms of the art of jewellery making and also originated in Jaipur and is also antique. The pieces are created using colored pacchi leaves, pearls and glass stones. Every leaf is embellished by hand on top of the other thus making pacchi jewellery even more special and unique giving out a three dimensional appearance. Because of its aesthetic design, it has become a favorite among South Indian brides.

2. Bangles � They are known by different names in across South India such as bale in Kannada, valayal in Tamil and gajju in Telugu. They are also available in temple jewellery design. Bangles that are designed in the temple jewellery style are usually heavy and would look very beautiful as piece of South Indian engagement jewellery with Kanjeevaram or any other silk saree.

If you wear just one bangle each in both of your hands will be more than enough and are quite grand in their own right. However, if you want a different look, you can pair them up with thin gold bangles and gold engagement ring�

3. Jhumkas � These pretty earrings are available in bell shaped or chand bali designs. They are not just great for your engagement day; they are also great for any special occasions as well as festivals. There are a variety of options to choose from that will go marvelously with your South Indian engagement jewellery and outfit.

They are inspired by architecture of temples and the idols of gods and goddesses. However, they can be very heavy and should it arise, you may want to opt for a lighter version. It won�t weigh you don if you decide to sit through the puja.

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