Different Types of Captcha Till Now

Whenever we talk about internet security then it will be incomplete without mentioning Captcha. A Captcha or “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” is one of the basic internet security measures which started as the tests where software was used to identify the human users and bot uses and it was quite a success and till this day, the tests are still used in Captcha to differentiate between the human and bot users. If you are wondering that how effective to this day then 2captcha API is used to solve the Captcha. Yes, Captcha can be hard at a certain point that users will have to use services like the captcha app to get the Captcha solved without any hassle. There are different types of Captcha and here is what do you need to know about.

Standard Word Captcha

This is the oldest Captcha type where the latter or words are shown in a distorted form that users have to find out. Humans because of their natural ability to have OCR can recognize the characters and input them. Though the options of 2 Captcha are also available when they are unable to find the right answer most of the time humans can solve the Captcha. On the other hand, the bots and software cannot recognize this and thus unable to continue further. Causing Captcha to eliminate the spam bot to stay away from the website.

Math Equation Captcha

No, you don’t have to worry about the title as there aren’t any ridiculously hard equations to be solved. You will come across the equation as simple as “1+2”. Ironically this is a hard question for the bots as they cannot process such information as they aren’t advanced enough and thus unable to go any further. Though some users have claimed that they have to face some tough equation that was hard to complete and even understand for normal users. So they had to use 2captcha to complete that Captcha type.


This is another product of Google that acts like Captcha but unlike tough questions, you just have to tick the Recaptcha, and you are done. This is effective against the spam bots because they are designed to tick in the center and because of the random space of the Recaptcha, it can be hard for spam bots to tick and it cannot perform any further.

Interactive Captcha

This is quite fun to solve Captcha as users will have to interact with the given Captcha type such as a maze with a mouse where you will have to take the mouse to the cheese and alike. This is fun to solve Captcha and unless a person is color blind, they will not have to worry about using the 2captcha API if they don’t have access to it.

Final Words

Captcha isn’t the only internet security measure but still, it is the perfect way to secure your website. However, in the event when you are unable to complete the captcha, you can opt for the captcha app to get the Captcha solved within no time.

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