Types of Floods in Canada That Need Proper Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration

It is crucial to remember what you have to take care of when flooding may occur. There are several types of flooding to occur.

There are aspects of groundwater, river flooding, urban flooding, and possibly additional types of flooding. Heavy rains, snowmelt, ice jams, and groundwater flooding all contribute to spring floods in Canada.

Effects of flooding on your property:

Flooding most frequently happens when it rains very hard over a brief period, the heavy rainfall-related flooding that affected Canada, caused significant damage to properties located away from bodies of water. However, the excessive rain also led to sewer backup into basements of houses, overflowed rivers and streams, and damage surrounding structures.

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Types of flooding in Canada

  1. Fluvial flooding, also known as river or riverine flooding, occurs when water levels in a river, creek, or stream rise and flow onto nearby land.
  2. Pluvial flooding, which is caused by heavy rain and separates from flooding caused by an overflowing body of water, is another common classification for flooding.
  3. Groundwater flooding is the third major category.
  4. If the entity determining the categories of flooding has beaches along oceans or substantial interior lakes, coastal flooding is frequently added as a fourth type.

The difficulty in trying to “pigeonhole” flooding into these three or four primary categories comes from the fact that several distinct types of flooding frequently take place at the same time or very close to it, adding to the entire flood event.

It might also produce other types of flooding, such as those brought on by groundwater, ice jams, natural and artificial structural failure, snowmelt, and structural failure due to melting snow. Ice jam floods are brought on by the temporary obstruction of river flows brought on by the accumulation of floating ice sometimes called ice dams. They frequently appear around man-made structures like bridges, causeways, or railroad embankments as well as nearby natural features like rivers that are curved or narrowed.

What Are The Reasons for flooding in Canada?

The cause of a certain flood may not always be known. For instance, it can be challenging to tell whether groundwater seepage from foundation cracks caused a basement flood or caused by overland flows entering through windows and doors.

In late winter or early spring, when temperatures are higher, river flooding from snowmelt also known as freshet or spring freshet flooding often happens. Depending on the amount of snow and the local average warming rates, runoff-related floods can vary in intensity and length. These floods may linger for several weeks.

  • Freshet flooding that happens while the ground is frozen can create rapid flooding because little water can penetrate the surface at those times. Low flow conditions later in the summer or fall can also be caused by early-season freshets. Late spring, when days are a little longer and temperatures are higher, can also be worse for flooding caused by runoff. The amount of snowpack has a significant impact.
  • Rainfall, especially heavy rainfall, can make freshet flooding much worse because it tends to hasten to melt. Rain is a different source of water that is also available. Snowmelt and rainwater can quickly overwhelm naturally occurring and artificial drainage systems.
  • According to Canada’s Changing Climate Report, the seasonal timing of peak streamflow has changed due to warmer temperatures. With higher winter and early spring flows over the past few decades in Canada, spring peak streamflow following snowmelt has occurred earlier. Projected higher temperatures will cause a shift toward earlier floods related to spring snowmelt, ice jams, and rain-on-snow events.
  • Extreme downpours frequently cause localized floods, especially if they fall heavily over a brief period and overwhelm both natural and artificial drainage systems.
  • When the flood’s peak comes less than six hours after rainfall, heavy rainfall-related flooding can also result in flash flooding. Storm-related flooding, which is typically connected to convective storms and tropical storms, frequently contributes to urban flooding.
  • Flooding from ice jams can happen both during the early winter period of ice development and the springtime period of ice breakup. Flooding may occur both upstream and downstream when an ice dam unexpectedly falls due to an ice jam. Because it can result in a deeper and faster deluge than open-water flooding, this sort of flood, which is typically relatively limited, is less predictable and frequently more damaging. If ice jam flooding is expected, it can occasionally be avoided by weakening river ice by drilling or cutting holes in the ice, making use of ice-breaking machines like barge excavators or watercraft, or utilizing explosives usually in uninhabited or sparsely inhabited areas.

You can lessen the damage and have good restoration of flood damage if flooding occurs in your home due to a plumbing system malfunction. First and foremost, turn off the water supply as quickly as you can. If necessary, shut off the water supply to the entire house. Next, eliminate as much of the standing water as you can. In case of contamination, be cautious to cover any exposed skin.

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