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Explaining in detail the definition and what a hosting would require a much more in-depth content than a simple blog but in principle we can say that Web Hosting is the service that allows a website to be present accessible from any computer or device (such as smartphone and tablet) that has access to the internet.

A hosting provider, also called a hosting service or web host, offers the possibility for anyone to purchase a web space, purchase an internet domain and put their website online quickly and easily, in addition Secure Your VPS server In Best Ways with guide on Express VPS.

What is a Web hosting: definition

Hosting is defined as the service that allows the storage of web pages within a server designed to allow the publication of a site and allow users to visit it through an internet connection.

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The translation of the term hosting refers to the web space offered by the hosting provider to allocate the pages of a website or an application of a user who can upload them through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or web interface.

A hosting also offers a series of additional services and features necessary to develop and publish a website effectively such as PHP, MySQL database, Plesk, cPanel and SSL certificate using the most famous CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Summarizing the definition of hosting, we deduce it is a fundamental requirement for all those who want to publish a website or an application that can be accessible from the web.

How does hosting work and what is it for?

A hosting provider, also called a web host, rents a space of its servers to its customers to allow them to allocate all the data of a site: from web pages to images and videos. Each hosting then makes the resources of its servers available by providing us with space on the fiscal disk, CPU, RAM memory and bandwidth. From this it is clear that a hosting has a very complex network infrastructure consisting of powerful servers capable of simultaneously handling the requests of millions of internet sites and web applications hosted within them.

In fact, every time we type the URL of a site in the address bar of the browser or click on a Google result, we ask a web server to send us the data necessary to view the requested page. The job of a hosting provider is to host the data of a site and send it to users who request it in the shortest possible time: a hosting works just like this.

But beyond hosting, to allow a website to work properly it is necessary to register a domain – making sure it is among the free domains – which will be used by users to reach us simply by typing our URL in the address bar.

In summary, we can say that a hosting is used for:

  • upload the files of a website or a web app
  • publish a site on the internet to make it accessible from anywhere in the world, whether it is a forum, portal, showcase or company site
  • install a CMS to manage the site (WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and many others)
  • store data in an area outside our computer

Hosting: how many and what types are there?

After understanding what a hosting is, we just have to know the various types available on the market. If you have come across the website of some hosting service provider you will have noticed that various packages and solutions are available with different technical specifications: but how many types of hosting can be activated? Let’s see it in the following paragraphs.

Shared Hosting

Average price: 40 euros/year

The shared hosting multiple websites on the same server simultaneously. As already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, a web host makes servers (computers) available to allow the storage and therefore the publication of websites and since having a server for each website on the network would become very expensive both for a provider and for customers, shared hosting is born that are simple to use and quite affordable.

Unfortunately a shared hosting based on a server with few resources that hosts sites with high traffic can lead to low performance and therefore we may find ourselves a site that is often unreachable or very slow for our users: in this case it is important to purchase hosting services from reliable providers.

Dedicated Hosting

Average price: 200 euros/month

Dedicated hosting is a dedicated server and reserved solely to your web project is a website or an online application. If you have a portal with several hundred thousand daily visits and you want to have high performance, dedicated hosting is the product that best suits your needs: in this case the provider will rent you a private server with guaranteed performance that will be reserved only for your activities.

A dedicated server can be configured according to your needs and obviously it is a much more expensive solution than shared services.

Shared hosting with dedicated IP

Average price: 50 euros/year

Since a shared web space implies that there are multiple websites on the same computer, it might be useful to assign a unique IP dedicated only to our website: in this way we will exclude the possibility of being affected by any penalties from search engines that will affect others sites present on our own server and therefore the same IP.

Some web hosts allow you to assign a dedicated and geolocated IP even for shared hosting: usually the annual cost for this service does not exceed 10 euros.

WordPress Hosting

Average price: 50 euros/year

They can be dedicated or shared, the WordPress hosting is optimized to manage resources and the database in a faster and more fluid way so that they can work with the most famous CMS in the world without hesitation and guaranteeing a fast loading of the web pages of the hosted websites. Siteground is one of the best solutions if you are looking for a WordPress hosting.

Cloud and VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Average price: 150 euros / year

Two new types of hosting that have been available for a few years are cloud servers and VPS . In both cases it is often shared hosting but with dedicated resources: therefore we are talking about servers in which other internet sites are hosted but able to reserve resources (RAM, CPU, IP address and web space) for each single hosted website. So as to guarantee high performance. Also, if you’re interested in Bitcoin, get to know How To Buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting Safely?

The cloud server unlike the VPS and dedicated servers have the ability to be scalable in real time and thus to increase and decrease the resources allocated based on traffic directly from the control panel and without performing any work on the machine hardware.

In both cases, payment is often based on the hourly consumption of resources or on a fixed monthly rate based on the configuration chosen.

Now that you understand in a practical way what a hosting is, you just have to buy a useful hosting to help you choose the best web space to host your website.

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