Tweets about relationships that are freakishly accurate

No doubt Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites that are very involved in people ‘s lives. Billions of people use twitter regularly for promoting their business, fun in a boring life.                    

Nowadays we often see the relationship status of many people in our social media timelines. The celebrities often share their relationship status. In the present era, it is very common to share their information related to the relationship on twitter. 

Does Twitter have an effect on your relationships?

Many researches and studies showed a correlational relationship between twitter and relationship problems. No doubt heavy use of Twitter was related to Twitter-related conflict and relationship difficulties.            

Although the relationship is correctional then It is possible that excessive Twitter use leads to conflicts which will automatically lead to bad outcomes for your relationship and it’s also possible that couples who are already having relationship difficulties prefer twitter over their partner, then the more conflicts occur.    

Connecting with others on Twitter may be an easy escape from an unhappy relationship, So Twitter itself is not necessarily going to create problems in your relationship, but excessive Twitter use, especially if it leads to fights with your partner, it’s a sign that something is wrong and if you ignored the signs Twitter could disturb your relationships.

How much relationship is important?

 Romantic relationships have their ups and downs whether you are single,  dating or in a marriage. We all hope to find a person who laughs at our jokes, who can make us laugh in return. We have high expectations and are disappointed when reality doesn’t live up to our fantasy of the perfect person.    

Compromise isn’t easy but we have to compromise on many things if you want to strengthen your relationship. Relationships are about finding a person who’s good character helps us to avoid his bad habits. 

You often see relationships tweets on your twitter timeline. I will share some tweets that are hilarious. Also, share my opinion on the tweets. Well, maybe you agree with the opinion and totally have a conflict with it. But it doesn’t worry me, because I know that we all have different opinions, views on different things. Let’s start to see some relationship tweets.

relationship tweets

Dating is a period in which you know the person who is unknown to you. It is successful if you see it compatible with yourself. And if it does not match your image of a partner then you separate your paths. I think that the user thought that she dating for some time and when she collected weak points of the partner then she has a valid reason to not liking him.

compatible with yourself

Well, it’s true. We totally show a different personality as a person who knows you think that is this the same person you know. For example when your friends first came into my home. They totally behave differently as I am shocked that they are really my friends.  

robocop jacket

Very disappointed, she doesn’t even notice. Well, in my opinion, she was totally focused on you that why she doesn’t have time to notice a robocop jacket. Always try to think positive in different situations. It helps you to build trust and good relationships. One more thing just ignores minor mistakes if you were really sincere with her.

good relationships

As much I understand it is that maybe your boyfriend has some kind of compulsion behavior, you should go with him to a good psychologist that helps him to deal with problems. But you left, what can I say it your own choice.

good psychologis

Your wise act is that don’t say hilarious things. If you say then I don’t think that apologizing is embracing. It’s something that strengthens your relationship. But remember to say sorry when it’s your mistake. Don’t always led down your self. You also have self-respect dear.

self-respect dear

Will, it’s funny for me. Yes definitely you love your husband and you can do anything for him but don’t want to show him that why refuse to iron his shirt. It’s ok. If your husband loves you then he will comprise on it. You know that you love him don’t prove it to other people. 

keep your marriage

I think it’s the best solution to keep your marriage on track. It’s better to discuss the issues in text messages instead of shouting each other when in the home you see each other.

text messages

Well, as time passed you will comprise all of that which is not suitable for you. Believe me, it’s strong your relationship if you understand your partner’s needs and modes yourself according to that.

Let’s finish it 

Relationships are about finding someone who will laugh with you at a difficult time. You also want a person that will understand you but it’s also beneficial that you can also understand him. If you find the right person, then respect him. That’s why relationships work. sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. All the tweets mentioned above, especially twitter videos can be downloaded by using this free online tool:

Thank you for reading. What is your opinion about these tweets let me inform in the comment section

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