Apply “Tulsi Ke Uptaan” on the face to make the skin glow

tulsi benefits

If you want to give natural treatment to your skin at home, then you should try using Tulsi ubutan which is easily made at home.

Nowadays everyone’s life is stressful and full of luck. Women in particular have dual responsibilities. They have to face both household chores and office weariness simultaneously. In such a situation, it is very challenging for him to get a little time for himself. Many times women are not able to pay much attention to their health and beauty. Women rarely get time to visit the beauty parlor once a month. Skin care is a big issue for them in this situation.

The skin is affected due to pollution, weariness and changing weather. In this case, the skin needs extra care. If the skin is not properly taken care of, it becomes dry and dry and lifeless. Not only this, there are many other problems in the skin. If you want to avoid all this. So, take a little time on the weekend and apply a basil paste on your face.

Tulsi is very beneficial for skin. You can easily prepare its paste at home. Let us show you its easy method.


    2 tablespoons basil powder

    1 teaspoon sesame oil

    2 tablespoons sandalwood powder

    1 tablespoon almond paste

    1 tablespoon gram flour (besan)

    Rose water as needed

    Pinch of turmeric


  • Soak 10-12 almonds in water before sleeping at night.
  • After getting up in the morning, take out the peel of almonds and grind them to prepare a paste.
  • Now take basil powder in a bowl.
  • You can prepare basil powder by drying basil leaves.
  • In the market too, you will get Tulsi powder, if you do not have Tulsi powder then you can prepare its paste as well.
  • Then add sandalwood powder and gram flour in the bowl.
  • Now you have to add sesame oil and a pinch of turmeric and rose water as needed.
  • After this mix the homemade herbs properly. Keep the boil slightly thick.
  • Now apply this ubutan on the face by moving the fingers in circular motion.
  • You can also apply this boil on the neck and hands.
  •  Leave the boil on the face for 10-20 minutes and then gently rub it off.
  • After this you can wash the face with water.
  • Once a week, if you apply this boil, you will get a glow on your face as well as an impeccable glow.

Benefits of basil for skin

Tulsi plant is in almost everyone’s home. It has religious significance as well as in Ayurveda it is considered a boon for health. Tulsi is also very beneficial for skin.

  1. Basil leaves contain antioxidants, which deep cleanse the skin.
  2. If you have pimples or blackheads on your face, you can use basil regularly on the face.
  3. Tulsi makes the skin shiny and the old skin present in the skin removes stains.
  4. Being full of antioxidants, basil removes the oxidative stress of the skin and does not allow any infection on the skin.
  5. Basil also has anti-aging properties. It removes wrinkles on the skin.

Benefits of almonds for skin

There are advantages to both eating and applying almonds on the face. If you grind the almonds and apply it on the face, then many problems of your face will be reduced simultaneously.

  • The biggest advantage of applying almond on the face is that it improves the skin tone and enhances it.
    • Almonds are a very good moisturizer for skin. If your skin is very dry then applying almonds will help you a lot.
    • Almonds have anti-inflammatory properties. If you have an acne problem then applying almonds will also remove it.

Benefits of gram flour for skin

Gram flour has been used since ancient times. It enhances the complexion of the skin and makes it soft as well.

  • If your skin is too oily then it removes excess oil present in the skin.
    • Applying gram flour also removes skin loosening.

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