The Trends and Strategies of Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential in any business that wants to keep up with society. It is the only way to attract and retain customers, but there is so much competition that it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the rest. Today we tell you what are the trends to implement in 2021 to excel.

It must be taken into account that 2020 has been marked by a special circumstance, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to remote work and has accelerated the adoption of new technology to carry it out. Therefore, all the marketing strategies for next year are focused on achieving results despite the new situation we are experiencing. Although there may be some that you know and control easily, it is always better to have the help of professionals, such as digital marketing agencies, who will offer us the best results.

What else will take in Digital Marketing in 2021

Marketing strategies are the only means we have available to sell more. However, given the wide competition that exists in all sectors and that more and more companies act through marketing, it is necessary to be different, and for this, there is nothing better than innovation. Here are some tips for you to innovate and stand out from the competition:

Social media

There is no doubt that social media has undergone many changes over the years. People’s habits change and new networks appear with new opportunities to which we must adapt. Renewed or die!

These have shown certain trends such as that many users are leaving the networks due to the Data Protection Law and that more and more ephemeral content is being followed. What do we mean by this? That people value short content that leaves a clear idea or simply that leaves no idea, such as stories on Facebook or Instagram.

On the other hand, augmented reality can make a difference as it is fast, easy, and highly interactive, something that users love. Large companies from different sectors such as National Geographic or Ikea show how to do this and the results it offers.


Videos have become the king of digital marketing and a wonderful tool for attracting customers. In fact, this year, 90% of the content that has been shared on networks has been videos. What does this mean? That audiovisual content is going strong and is becoming the most used and valued. There are now too many streaming services like Netflix, kissanime, amazon prime, and many more, and people spend most of their time watching these, so marketing through these mediums is very important. It is estimated that 80% of the traffic generated on the internet is represented by videos.

How to make different videos that make us stand out from the competition? There are many ways to do it, and the first of course is by offering valuable content. This is key in many ways. Many users watch videos without sound, perhaps for not wanting to disturb where they are, perhaps they simply want to see the images, or for any other reason that we do not know.

However, it is a reality. The valuable content of the videos is lost due to not having options from which users can choose how to put subtitles on a video for example. Subtitles add value to the information we transmit and will also generate engagement because the user will not get lost, even if they wanted to! Videos in other languages ??are also the order of the day and many of them can perhaps add something interesting to your brand. Why not add subtitles so that users can benefit from it?

Now, how to carry out an effective video marketing strategy? If we have already seen that videos are the king of the moment, we must get down to work and ensure that they have the effect we are looking for in users so that they become leads.

Well, educational videos, for example, can be customized to the needs of our audience. We are not talking about school education, but about audio-visual media that teach something to the user. For example, if you have a hospitality business, you could make a video on how to properly set up a table. If you have a digital marketing agency, you could talk about how to put subtitles on a video. They are practical things that the user wants to learn and will remember thanks to who learned them.

Live broadcasts are in high demand as well, as well as courses and other video tutorials, which have proven to attract many visits to the web.

Content Marketing

Videos aside, the written content is still considered the only type of digital marketing strategy. How to do it to be successful? Well, there are very marked trends in this area that make it clear to us how everything is going to work in 2021.


Influencers keep rising and it is because they know how to connect with the customer. Following their example, recognizing the needs of customers and giving them a solution is the key to selecting topics for our content strategy.

Transparency. Users have already been bombarded with a lot of information and publicity and they know how to differentiate honesty very well. For this reason, they value companies that are transparent, that offer a sincere message, and that strive to earn the trust of their public.

Personalized content. Since there is a lot of content available on the network, it is necessary to create personalized content that connects with the public and thus create engagement. To achieve this, multiple companies are creating dynamic and interactive web pages, as well as gaming. Being different is key.


This is an under-exploited digital marketing strategy that promises in 2021. It is one of the most difficult to implement but offers a lot of traffic, authority, and potential customers. The work and effort will be worth it! What does it consist of?

It is about investigating the benefits that some actions bring and thus gain publicity. For example, a real case: a person who has a marketing agency and offers video marketing consulting services, investigated the money that many influencers made on YouTube. He decided to base his blog basically on this, and in a short time, this valuable information was mentioned by a television medium referring to his blog and by several YouTubers on his channels. The result? A considerable increase in visits and sales.

Sure, today it may seem to us that everything is said and told, but if you put a little imagination into it, you will surely find something that no one has said yet. The secret is to be able to do interesting research and provide reliable data so that you are considered a trusted source.


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