7 Travel Tips to Make Traveling With Kids a Hassle Free Experience

We all know that the experience of motherhood gives immense pleasure to every mother. But the other side of this pleasant fact is that travelling with kids really calls for testing the patience of even a saint. One needs to deal with things likesibling rivalry, bathroom breaks every 30 minutes. I have always observed that overtired children become cranky and frustrated on these long trips. However a little advance planning and some easy family travel tips are all it takes to turn this headache into one of the best experiences one can ever have as a family.

We all know that all families are different when it comes to age, size so here are some generalized tips that I would like to share:

Plan Ahead with Well Prepared Lists:

This first tip is for all the moms, start planning for theinternational vacation with family at an early note and make sure use of lists. I know that all of you will agree to this that planning well in advance saves us from a lot of stress and allow us to do things in stages. Striking off the accomplished tasks jotted on the list save you from pulling your hair out just for vacation and make sure you have everything at the stretch of your hand.

Paying Attention to Kids’Needs:

Yes it might sound weird as most of us think that taking kids out on vacation makes they fairly pleased, but to your dismay most of the kids get irritated when they don’t get plenty of rest and are strained from the exhausting journey. So the key ingredients to a smooth trip are paying attention to their needs. It is important to find the right balance between plenty of rest time along with having lots of activities to keep them busy and interested along the way.

Carry Tools to Keep Them Happy:

Try to think from the perspective of a child. Like nothing makes a car ride seem longer than having nothing to do but being bored while looking out of the window. So carry vital stuff that fancies your kid. Bring along with you a variety of entertainment when traveling with small kids as this keeps them busy and in a joyful mood. The list could include games, DVD’s, Books, iPods etc.

Choose The Right Time To Travel:

The next tip which is mentioned here is often the most overlooked aspect while planning a family travel. So it’s the request to all the parents out there to choose the right time for traveling. Try to travel max during the night time, as most of the children will fall asleepwithin a short period of time. If it is necessary to travel during the day time try to schedule your travel time around regular scheduled naps as it provides a few hours of quiet driving.

Lots of Food:

We all know kids love to eat and drink but they quickly get bored when they are served with the same stuff again. So, all the smart parents out there carry a wide variety of food along with you. An assortment of cookies, juice boxes, milk, water. One can also carry the single serving snack foods like granola bars, fruit roll and string cheese etc are just the delights that can keep any finicky child dazzled by the variety for quite some time.

Stay Calm:

Yes you heard it right staying clam collected and excited during any weird circumstances is the right approach to a heavenly family vacation.  As the little angle as look up to your parents to determine how to act and react and form opinions about the outer world. This will surely help you provide a positive model of the world in front of your children and making them more confident about the outer spaces.

Ensure Plenty Travel Time:

Plan your vacation keeping in mind that you have plenty travel time. Take regular stops along the way as this will not only the break up the monotony of driving but at the same time allow the kids to move around and burn off their energy.

Having said all, I assure you that taking a note of all above given travel tips would surely make traveling with kids a memorable experience for lifetime. If you have something in mind visit Indianholiday.com

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