Need A Travel Nurse? Here’s How To Pick The Best One

Travel nurse staffing agencies are becoming more and more prevalent in today?s healthcare world. If you?re an employer looking for travel nurses, it can be difficult to determine which agency will best suit your needs. Here are several questions to ask before making a final decision about where to work.

1. What factors should I consider when selecting a travel nurse job agency?

When you?re looking for a travel nurse job agency, you?ll want to find one that meets your specific needs. There are a few factors you?ll want to consider when selecting a travel nurse agency. The agency should be reliable and trustworthy. A good agency will provide references and testimonials from nurses who have worked with that agency. You should be able to select a management team that is knowledgeable about traveling nurses. Whether the agency is located in the United States or abroad, it will be in contact with uninsured and underinsured patients. Depending on the extent that you travel to care for your patients, you?ll want to be able to coordinate with a travel nurse agency to ensure that your medical bills are covered. Some reasonable charges for essential travel nurse positions vary according to location. Hourly rates range from $25 to $45 per hour. You?ll also want to make sure that the agency has an online profile in order for you to rate and review them online. The reasonable hours of operation depend on the type of placement that the agency offers. Consult with this agency on their hours in advance for a reliable listing. When prospecting for a travel nurse job agency, it can be daunting to sift through every position and company out there. It?s a good idea to narrow down your search by region and then focus on the two to three travel nurses that you?re most interested in. As you are able to evaluate the best travel nurse agency, send along your recommendations for how you would like to work with them. Regulations for working as a travel nurse vary from state to state, so be sure you?ve worked with your state?s department of professions and business licensing before making your final decision. Be sure to schedule a time to meet with your new travel nurse company representatives in order to get to know them a bit better. Create a resume that shows you’ve successfully worked in healthcare environments and provide references that specifically reference your work experiences.

2. How do nurse staffing agencies recruit nurses?

High quality care nursing agency recruit nurses in many ways. The first step is to contact the travel nurse staffing agency. The nurse will fill out an online application. The agency will call the nurse for a phone interview. If the nurse passes the phone interview, the agency will invite the nurse to an in-person interview. The agency will require a background check for the nurse. The agency may also ask the nurse to complete a housing test, practice tests, Continuing Education (CE) credits, and/or to take special tests such as the Written Exam. Once the nurse passes these tests, the agency will refer her/him to a placement agency. If the attendant is interested in working for an agency, the agency will pay the nurse a placement fee.

3. What are the benefits of working for a small travel nurse agency?

Working for a small travel nurse agency can be beneficial because you?ll get more one on one attention. You?ll have a single point of contact when it comes to your assignments and can get more personalized support. Working for a big agency can be overwhelming, but working for a small travel nurse agency can give you the attention you need to succeed. Here are three fields I?m currently in.

Travel Nursing Helper / Travel Nurse Assistant

If you own a hotel and want to provide providers such as nurses and other medical personnel with housing, you may be qualified to work as a travel helper and travel nurse assistant. You will be responsible for housing healthcare personnel, distancing them from the public, and handling all the placement of healthcare personnel while traveling to your clients? locations. 

On your lunch breaks, you will offer training to your clients in the areas of health care they may be unfamiliar with. You?ll also be responsible for monitoring and keeping a list of their locations at all times so that you can be alerted in case of an emergency. 

Serve as a virtual assistant for your clients. You?ll be responsible for studying your clients? medical conditions and communicating their best treatment options to them. With this assistant under your guidance, you will be able to earn more money for your clients.

Work as a part time consultant. The main issue with this option is that providers are self-employed and you have to work under the assumption that the client owns the hotel they are staying at. Of course, your relationship with the client will be closer, but you won?t be the HR person. Instead, you?ll be responsible for finding and selecting the best healthcare provider for the client. This option would be ideal if you have clients that you want to take on for your personal benefit but don?t want to pay you a flat fee. This means you would have more freedom in choosing your healthcare provider. You would make a salary of roughly $60,000 per year, not including bonuses and other compensation.

4. How does an employer protect the interests of its nurses during their assignment with a travel nursing company?

As an employer, you need to outline in your contract what rights the nurse has versus what rights the travel nursing company has. My advice is to give the nurse the maximum amount of rights and protection because if the nurse has an issue with the company they can leave and you won?t have to deal with them. Likewise, the company should provide maximum support, training, and support.

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