Traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh


As we all know, culture is essential for every state. People seem to be reflected by their culture and tradition. Here in this particular article, we are going to discuss the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is very popular for its culture and heritage. It is considered that the dress ofAndhra Pradesh is not too much different from the southern part of the globe. It is similar to the southern states. Let’s discuss the traditional wear of Andhra Pradesh for both men and women.

The traditional wear of men of Andhra Pradesh:

It has been found that the men of Andhra Pradesh generally wear dhoti and kurta or shirt and lungi as their traditional dress. Let’s come to a brief description of it.


A dhoti is a piece of cloth of any color or size according to the preference of those wearing it. You can wear dhoti till knee length or ankle length.


Kurta is a dress of Andhra Pradesh, which is worn at the top of the body and dhoti.


Nowadays, people don’t care about tradition and culture. So, the shirt is also top wear for men. Some men wear shirts along with lungi instead of the kurta.


Lungi is also traditional to wear, which is a piece of cloth of any length and color. It is bottom wear and is wrapped around the waist.

The traditional wear of women in Andhra Pradesh:

We all are familiar that women have different varieties of dresses. Earlier, the dress of Andhra Pradesh was mainly the same as men’s dhotis. As time passed away, different types of clothes are now used.


A saree is a traditional wear of Andhra Pradesh which is worn with a blouse. It is simply a cloth of approximately 6 meters in length and is available in varieties of colors and designs.


Langavoni is a dress of Andhra Pradesh worn by the girls before their marriage. It consists of just a blouse, skirt and a piece of dupatta.


The petticoat is a widespread dress material. It is worn under a saree.

The traditional wear of Andhra Pradesh for some special ceremonies:

During a marriage ceremony, a bride wears a silk saree which are beautifully decorated and are primarily available in red color. Different types of jewelry are available for a bride, like a necklace, bangles, earrings, anklets, and many more.

A groom wears a kurta and dhoti, mainly of full length, takes a piece of cloth over his shoulders, and is primarily available in white or cream colors. The grooms of Andhra Pradesh also wear jewelry like forehead jewelry.

Final words:

So here we ended with an article on the traditional wear of Andhra Pradesh. If you are keenly interested in knowing about the culture and tradition of different states of India, you can go to this article. It will help you to know about the dress of Andhra Pradesh. In short, we can conclude that the women wear saree and blouse whereas men wear dhoti and kurta and girls wear Langavoni as their traditional dress. Hope you will like reading this article.

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