Trading with VPS – How to Choose the Right One

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual private server. Located on the same device as other virtual private servers, Forex VPS can operate independently.

In recent years, virtualization has played a role in all aspects of the economy, and especially in Forex trading, which has become much more secure thanks to VPS getting a similar  Best Forex Robot.

What is VPS?

VPS Forex works in the same way as a cloud or virtual luggage storage, allowing you to run multiple trading systems on one computer.

It is a virtual environment that is hosted on a server that is completely independent of the computer and user. Forex VPS Server is safe, reliable and powerful, able to run smoothly.

What is VPS for?

What is VPS for? What to do with a dedicated server? The presence of a VPS allows the user to install the selected operating system on the server and thus perform the necessary tasks completely confidentially and securely.

VPS is rented by companies that provide the user with a certain amount of RAM, disk space and data transfer every month. Most VPSs have a constant power supply and therefore can run applications when the user’s computer is turned off.

How to choose a VPS and what is the best VPS server for Forex

There are many vendors in the market from whom you can purchase a vps server and you can find them on Forex certified platforms. Thus, there is no need to spend several hours looking for a reliable Forex VPS.

Please note that the MetaQuotes platform has integrated this service directly into the trading platform (MT4 and MT5). Thus, anyone can use the VPS MT4 / MT5 system. It’s called “Shared Hosting”.

How much does a VPS for Forex cost?

If you choose an entry-level Forex VPS, the monthly subscription is very inexpensive. In terms of price, the cost of renting a VPS will depend on the platform you choose.

As for a classic server or computer: the more powerful the machine, the more expensive it will be. Subscriptions start at 2€/month and 50€ or more/month.

VPS for Forex – How Does it Work?

When your VPS service is up and running, you get an IP address, username and password to access the service. If your computer is equipped with Windows, Remote Desktop Connection will allow access to your VPS through the Start menu.

No other installation is required. When the program is ready, enter the username and password provided during registration for the VPS to establish a connection. You will be able to see your “virtual office” and download the MT4 platform .

Benefits of trading with VPS

In short, using a VPS allows you to use your favorite trading platform anywhere and on any computer connected to the Internet. While many traders use a VPS for automated trading to run their robots, using a VPS is also meant for manual trading .

VPS Forex trading

VPS works continuously, 24/7. It is insensitive to power outages and internet service outages that can occur in your home. The VPS software is designed in such a way that connection problems such as power outages, technical difficulties and security problems associated with viruses are solved instantly.

For traders, the occurrence of such problems is a disadvantage, as they can interrupt trading. Thus, trading through a virtual machine is an additional guarantee of success.

How to trade with VPS and execute trades

A good VPS is able to offer an optimal level of trade execution. Indeed, it has RAM to execute complex trading strategies and heavy technical indicators, which would be impossible with a regular computer.

Trade freely with VPS

The VPS is fully customizable. You can install the operating system of your choice and then add the functions you want. The amount of RAM, disk space, and the amount of transferred data will be distributed according to your needs.

A trader does not always have the opportunity to have his personal computer at hand. But with a VPS he can connect to any device using his credentials.

Advantages of a VPS for Forex Trading

  • VPS works continuously, 24/7
  • VPS has 99.9% online connection time
  • VPS provides optimal connection speed
  • VPS is constantly monitored to ensure availability. Therefore, the VPS is insensitive to connection interruptions and system errors.
  • VPS can quickly execute orders
  • VPS is available everywhere
  • VPS allows you to choose any geographic location.

How to Choose the Right One

Traders who use forex experts in their trading sooner or later face the problem of its smooth operation. Most trading robots, for their correct operation, are recommended to be used around the clock, and keeping the terminal always running is almost impossible. It is also worth taking into account computer breakdowns, blackouts, loss of communication, and so on. Failures in the work of a forex advisor can bring a significant negative to the trader. Using VPS (Virtual Private Server) successfully solves all these problems. Many companies offer their virtual servers to traders, but the terms of their use are quite different. 

Minimum criteria for choosing a VPS server

VPS servers can be of broad specification and focused only on trading with the help of experts. This affects their power, cost and the number of integrated programs. Naturally, a specialized VPS is suitable for a trader.

Most brokers that offer VPS have a free trial period. As they say, it is a sin not to use it.

It is better to choose a VPS server running under Windows. Using other operating systems can create problems with the functioning of the MetaTrader terminal.

Pay attention to the VPS specifications. Desirable minimum: processor from 400 MHz, disk size from 5 GB, memory from 256 MB, unlimited connection.

The VPS should be stable and fast. The VPS server should be overloaded on the weekend. The technical support service should work 24/7.

VPS Server from a Forex Broker

Why is it profitable to choose a VPS server offered by a forex broker? The broker understands perfectly well that a technical failure in the work of the Expert Advisor will lead to the loss of the deposit and certain consequences. There are also a number of other advantages:

The broker usually understands the needs of the trader – fast execution, price filtering, and more.

As a rule, the broker already has an integrated MetaTrader terminal. The trader only needs to integrate the forex expert and configure it.

The broker deducts the payment for the server directly from the deposit, which allows the trader not to worry about “forgot to pay” and the like.

Naturally, it is impossible to guarantee that on the basis of the above tips a trader will make an exceptionally correct choice. However, they will undoubtedly become a significant help for fans of automated trading when choosing a VPS server.

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