Why is it so important to trademark your brand name?


Like people, brands too have an identity, personality and names. However, like people?s faces differentiate them from one another, brands use trademarks to get identified. Trademarks are symbols, names, logos etc. used to distinguish one company/brand from the other. As soon as you start using a particular name or symbol for trade, it becomes a trademark and helps people to identify the brand from other choices present in the market. But what if two brands offering similar products have same name? This is why is important to trademark brand name. Brand name registration not only helps the consumers to identify a brand and avoid confusion but also prevents other entities offering similar products, from using the same name. 

The pros of brand name registration:

Registering trademark for a brand name offers multi-directional benefits for your business. Some of these are discussed below:

Helps to keep confusion at bay: 

Like we discussed above, trademark is the ?face? of a brand. Like people with similar names but different faces get identified without difficulty, similarly brands selling similar products can be easily identified by consumers with the help of trademarks. This prevents confusion and lets people decide what they want as per their shopping preference. Thus, brand name registration protects your sales by preventing misunderstanding with the consumer.  

Brand name registration defines your brand: 

Brand identity is a very important aspect of branding because it helps to establish your brand?s personality. It tells your customers what to expect from your brand and helps your brand to stand apart in the crowd. Hence, something that defines your brand personality does need proper protection. 

We all know that brands are not made within days but require years of perseverance. Logo and brand name registration protects your brand identity and prevents others to take undue advantage of your hard work and patience. It helps to avoid legal action by letting others know that you intend to use your brand name and logo for commercial activities. If someone still infringes on your trademark, legal action can be taken against that company.

Improves recall value of your brand:

Imagine there were 10 brands with same names, selling similar type of items but only one of them sells good quality products. The customers seeking to buy good quality products will have a hard time in identifying the right brand. However a distinct brand name and logo will immediately help the consumer to identify the right brand and remember it for future. Brand name registration prevents others from using a similar name or logo. This of course removes confusion and improves the recall value of the brand.  

Attracts Funding: 

A registered trademark can be an asset for you business in many ways. Apart from securing you brand?s position in the market, it can also encourage investors to invest in your company since it helps to assert ownership. In many instances, venture capitalists may require you to register a trademark before they invest in your business.

Basic Steps for brand name registration:

Now that you briefly understand the benefits that registering a trademark can get you, a quick overview of the trademark process would be helpful too. The three basic steps involved in trademark registration process are:

  • Searching the trademark database to remove any possibility of having a mark similar to an existing registered trademark or any mark intended to be registered in future.??
  • Filing Your Application- this can be done in two ways-physical filing( where application has to be physically submitted at the Trademark Registry) or e-filing ? ? ? ? (applying for trademark application online)
  • Keeping a track of your application. Once applied, you need to keep a tab on the status of your ios application business. In case there is an objection by the Registry or a third-party opposition, appropriate steps need to be taken the overcome the same. Hence it is always advisable to consult a trademark attorney to guide you through the process. You can also try Logobar which is a unique platform for everything you need for setting up your brand identity.?

So next time you think of why to go through the trademark registration process, it best to remind yourself of the benefits it would fetch you. 

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