9 Toys That Shall Accompany Kids’ Childhood

For kids, the thing that they spend the most time on is playing with toys. Toys play an important role in kids’ life and to some extent, and kids toy is an essential member in your family. The toy is like a companion for kids that can bring them happiness and witness their growth. 

Parents may complain that kids have had too many toys or have no idea how to choose the right ones for kids. Many toys just come and go from children’s lives, but following X toys are what we’d like to share with parents, they will be long-standing companions through your kids’ childhood. 

Toy bricks

Most kids must have many bricks in their childhood, and it’s an essential and conducive kids toy. Probably parents will complain that scattered bricks are difficult to clean up, however, it’s a perfect companion for kids. Bricks can help kids to learn and play with at any age. The biggest benefit of bricks is that they can stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity, for kids can create any shape or buildings with bricks. Meanwhile, it’s able to improve their motor skills, body coordination, and structural concepts though they may know bricks down finally.


If your kids don’t like to move or exercise, a ball with interesting pictures or beautiful colors can attract them. Children can do some simple sports or just move their bodies with a ball. It’s healthy for their development. And parents don’t need to worry that kids would be hurt by balls. Even your babies are at a very young age, there are small balls that kids can grasp well.

Artist sets

Exposed to artist set since childhood, kids can form the love of art and improve their aesthetic ability and creativity. At the same time, this kids toy won’t cost you a lot. Prepare a desk for kids, and buy some paper, paints, scissors, or other art supplies for them. Then they will show you their ideas and imaginations. Though they grow older, these supplies can still be their spirit carrier. Parents can collect kids’ artworks and show them on the wall or shelves, it will be great preservation of memory and growth.

Kids ride-on cars

The electric kids riding car has been more and more popular among children which can accompany them for a long time. Having their favorite cars, kids can drive them to explore the world and contact with nature. You don’t need to worry that it’s hard to choose the appropriate ride-on cars your kids like or kids are too old to play with the little car. However, your concerns will be released once you go through us.tobbi.com. Tobbi’s different types and colors of ride-on cars designed for kids aged 2-8 can surely satisfy you. Meanwhile, its parental remote control offers an opportunity to let parents play with their babies together.


Stuffed dolls or animals

Stuffed dolls or animals must be indispensable kids toys for each kid. We can find that children will always keep one/some stuffed dolls or animals on their beds even though other toys come and go. We all shall understand that kids need a companion to express emotions, tell secrets, or role-playing though it’s not alive. To some extent, these stuffed toys play an important role in witnessing kids’ growth.

Jigsaw puzzles

Playing with puzzles can have more benefits than you imagine. Kids can spend much time finishing the jigsaw instead of addicting to screens or digital products. A jigsaw puzzle is also a useful tool to potentially improve kids’ intelligence and problem-solving skills. Meanwhile, the success of finishing a puzzle can bring children a strong sense of satisfaction. Therefore, it’s necessary to prepare some jigsaw puzzles for kids to stimulate their brains while enjoying the fun.


Small figures must be the kids toy listed in this passage. No matter they’re plastic or wood, people or animal. Once you buy various kinds of figures for kids, they can show your different kinds of play and games with these figures. Kids can use small figures to build a universe belonging to them, where these figures become children’s family, friends, or anything else. Kids can also take these figures to play outdoor with friends, and there is no doubt that it’s the toy that kids shall have for their childhood. 

Musical instruments

It doesn’t mean that you shall spend much money on buying a good piano or violin for kids, on the contrary, a simple and small one like a drum, electric keyboard or egg shakers can meet the needs. Kids are sensitive to music and sound by nature, and music can attract them easily. By playing with these musical instruments, your kids can form the interests in music and improve mental development gradually. More importantly, a musical instrument will go a long way since children can still play with it as they grow older. 

Role-playing toys

With role-playing toys, they can help kids use themed environments (farm, airport, kitchen, etc.) and reproduce familiar scenes in life. Think about what your kids are interested in and prepare realistic toys related to the theme, such as trolleys, food and kitchen supplies, ride-on cars, brooms, and other tools, which can continue the child’s entire game process and enhance their imagination.

In role-playing games, children begin to create imaginary situations, like driving to a gas station, delivering medicine to a sick friend, going to the library, and so on. In this process, the kids’ language ability and creativity are also exercised.

A good kids toy can not only bring children happiness but accompany them to grow for a long time. Probably your kids will ask you to buy other toys, however, the listed toys are necessary for kids to have. As parents, if you have no idea what kind of toys are worth buying for kids, the above toys won’t let you down. Though time flies day by day, these toys will accompany kids and go a long way together.

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