Using a Tower Fan in Your Home or Office

tower fan

During summer season cooling machines become an important part of our day to day life. There are different types of cooling machines available in the market from air condition to ceiling fans and each one has its importance. The size of your room determines the need for an appliance that can be used to fulfil your requirement. One such fan is a tower fan which is perfect for small rooms or offices. They are not only easy to handle but are cost-effective and energy-efficient as well.

Let’s dig deeper into what are tower fans and how they work?

Tower Fan and Its Mechanism

Tower fan or a floor standing fan is a tall tower-like fan that has a rotating base. It has a compact structure and design due to its simpler mechanism. The tower fan is built in a way that through its inlets on both the sides, it pulls air and pushes it out in a wider spread. The impeller blades tower fan in the cylinder housing moves the air through the column and out of the vents.

Vents are designed to run the length of the slim tower that block or permit the air to cool down your space. It blows air at a 90-degree angle that allows it to cover a wider area. Most tower fans come with a basic dust filter.

The tower-like fan is ideal for small rooms as these can be placed at the corner of the room. It provides enough breeze to create a comfortable atmosphere and temperature at your place. One of the best advantages of using a tower fan is that they can be placed at any angle as per your seating convenience.

Advantages of Using Tower Fans

Space Saving

Perhaps there are several reasons that people purchase tower fans and one such reason is space-saving. Tower fans are tall yet slim and can be fitted in any corner of the room. They are great for your small workspace or even the kitchen to meet your needs.


Tower fans are tall, elegant and attractive. These qualities of the tower fan enhance the balance of the room without disturbing the aesthetics of d?cor. Nowadays, the modern look and style of tower fans are designed to blend in and complement any room of your house or workstation.

Highly Efficient

Efficiency is the most important factor one should consider while buying any electronic appliance. Tower fans are used as a cooling solution and that’s exactly what the tower fan does. It provides cooling relief with minimal noise, less disturbance and less space consumption. It works effectively to circulate airflow for a comfortable home and office environment. Not only do they fit well and blend into most areas of your home, but they are also sturdy and less likely to be tipped over.

If you are also looking to buy a table fan or tower fan, that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Keplin is a one-stop online platform where you will find a variety of cheap tower fans with sturdy and indigenous design, ideal for offices as well as small rooms.

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