Top Water Pipe Manufacturers in Kerala

Top Water Pipe Manufacturers in Kerala

Pipes are one of the mostly commonly used products in residential, industrial and commercial applications. Leading manufacturers in Kerala provide various pipe types such as PEX pipes, PVC pipes, Copper pipes, ABS pipes, Galvanized and Cast Iron steel pipes, etc.

In this article, we would like to provide you with the top 12 water pipe manufacturers in Kerala.

 Top 12 Water Pipe Manufacturers in Kerala

1. Balco Pipes

Balco Pipes is one of the leading water pipe manufacturers in Kerala and a rapidly emerging manufacturer of Electric Conduits, Fittings, Hoses, UPVC Pipes, and solvent cement. Balco Pipes is a strong contender in the industry owing to its excellent quality of products, customer service and on-time delivery of products. The company was established in the year 1991 and started with the production of Rigid PVC Electric Conduits. Balco Pipes was the first pipe manufacturer in Kerala to receive the ISI certification in electrical conduit manufacturing in Kerala. The company was initially involved in water management of the housing and the industrial sector in Kerala and later shifted to the manufacturing of uPVC pipes.

2. Konseal PVC Pipes

Konseal range of PVC pipes is provided by the prominent pipe manufacturer, Tubes & Tubings. With a strong footing in the industry, the customer-conscious and quality-driven approach of the company along with its highly organized network of suppliers and dealers make it one of the leading water piper manufacturers in Kerala. Tubes and Tubings is one of South India’s top manufacturing houses and the Konseal range of PVC products is one of the most preferred choices of engineers and end users.

3. Vent Pipes

Vent Pipes specializes in manufacturing PVC pipes and is an ISO-certified pipe manufacturing company in Kerala. Established in the year 1987, Vent Pipes is an ISO 9001:2008 certified PVC pipe manufacturing company based in Kochi. The company made its beginning through the marketing and manufacturing of PVC pipes around 35 years ago.

4. Shakthiman Super PVC Pipes

Shakthiman Super PVC pipes is one of the oldest and trusted brands in Kerala and an ISO-certified pipe manufacturer in Kerala. The products offered by the company include CPVC Pipes, UPVC Fittings, UPVC Pipes, CPVC Fittings, etc. Introduced in the market in 1974 by Nediyara Chemicals (a subsidiary of Nediyara Group) Shakthiman Super PVC Pipes made the first-of-its-kind pioneering attempt in South India to produce uPVC pipes as a cost-effective and durable alternative to the conventional Galvanized Iron pipes.

5. Galaxy Pipes

Founded in the year 2014, Galaxy Pipes is a well-established and renowned pipe manufacturing company in Kerala. Well known for its production of long-lasting high-quality pipes, the company offers products such as special borewell pipes, special grade plumbing pipes, super heavy pressure pipe, half round rain harvestor and more. The company is based in Thiruvananthapuram and it is a rapidly emerging water pipe manufacturer in Kerala.

6. Moyalan Plastics

A well-reputed and widely recognised pipe manufacturer in Kerala, Moyalan Plastics is the symbol of innovation and product development. The products offered by Moyalan Plastics include Electrical Conduit Pipes, Underground drainage (SDR) Pipes, UPVC Pipes, SWR Pipes (A&B), ASTM Pipes, Casing Pipes, Column Pipes, HDPE Pipes, etc. As one of the leading forces in the industry, the company has the best quality products and is technology driven. The company always tries to provide the best products for agriculture, sanitary and agricultural applications.

7. Sharon Pipes And Fittings

One of the most prominent water pipe manufacturers in Kerala, Sharon Pipes mainly finds their place in Industrial Applications, Electrification, and Public Water Supply Schemes. The products offered by Sharon Pipes And Fittings include UPVC Pressure Pipes, UPVC Plumbing Pipes, PVC Fittings, Wiring Pipes, Suction Hoses, etc. In addition to agriculture and irrigation, Sharon pipes are also used for residential construction, industrial applications, electrical installations, and public water supply systems.

8. Pearlspot Aqua Systems and Solutions

One of the leading pipe manufacturers in Kerala, Pearlspot Aqua Systems and Solutions’ finds its place in sectors such as Agriculture, Irrigation, Residential Construction, Industrial Applications, Electrification and Public Water Supply Schemes. Ranging from PVC pipes to water tanks, the products of Pearlspot Aqua Systems and Solutions are of superior quality.

9. Sona Polymers

Sona Polymers is one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of garden hoses and other products in Kerala. It has the best quality infrastructure, maintenance and the best range of products that are not only used in India but also abroad. Sona Polymers products are available in different sizes and lengths based on the specifications of the clients. The products offered by the company include PVC Pipes, Harvester Fittings, Hycount Garden Hoses, Hycount ASTM pipes, Hycount Harvesters, Ball valves, etc. Owing to the company’s best traits such as low maintenance, superior quality, the entire product range is widely appreciated by the clients.

10. MRV Trading Company

One of the well-established and leading water pipes manufacturing companies in India, MRV is a well-reputed ISO & ISI certified company. With sales across South India, the company is a market leader in HDPE/LDPE electrical pipes, fittings, etc.

11. Aizar Pipes & Fittings

Aizar Pipes and Fittings is one of the leading and well-renowned pipe manufacturers dealing with PVC Pipes and its related products in the southern part of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Aizar Pipes & Fittings offers excellent services and the best quality products such as PVC pipes, Pipe Fittings, Water tanks, CPVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Wiring Pipes, etc to its clients.

12. Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt. Ltd (OPTL)

Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt. Ltd (OPTL) is one of the most favoured and the best plastic moulding company in South India. OPTL has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the best quality products.

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