Top 8 VoIP Phone System Features That Make SMEs Wow!

Do you really think that a robust business communication system is a core requirement for any business in the present digital world? 

Undeniably, you are right!

To boost business performance, an entrepreneur needs a convenient and scalable collaborative solution that costs them low and can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. 

And the VOIP phone systems for businesses are exactly what you need to achieve this.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing VOIP features.

1) Advanced Call Management

The first and foremost feature of VOIP phone systems is advanced call management. It is a fantastic option that enables you to prioritize, hold, route, or block unwanted incoming calls. 

2) Call Routing

The second amazing feature of VOIP for businesses is call routing. It is the best way to arrange calls depending on the customer type, issue, purpose, agent performance, and staff availability. 

3) Business Text Messaging

With the changing business demands, many customers prefer sending messages over making a call. The current VoIP phone systems have this feature too; that’s why it has become the hot favorite choice of every small or large business entrepreneur.

Most of the voice-over-internet protocol systems offer unlimited messaging services.?

4) Call Recording

As we all know that at present, people of all age groups have smartphones. It has become a necessity of the current digital world. In contrast to the simple calls, the plus point is that VOIP phone systems run on several devices, including desks and smartphones, which means it also supports call recording. These call recordings enable you to understand clients’ perspectives clearly and help you to do better in the future. 

5) Call Forwarding

The situation of Covid19 promotes remote work significantly. No matter where you are? Digitization brings all together. The call forwarding feature of VOIP systems enables you to answer all important calls and address customer concerns regardless of where your teams are.

Route calls can be received by mobile phones, office phones, or other designated gadgets. It is another excellent feature that gives you the flexibility to receive calls from anywhere and keep in touch with potential customers.

6) Call Parking

Next on the line is a call parking. This feature allows anyone in your team to enable call waiting until the right person can take the call.

7) Auto Attendant

While making any customer service call, we usually hear a computer voice like welcome to the bla.. bla? bla… Please press 1 for this option, 2 for this option, and so on?

It is called an auto attendant. Almost all the VOIP systems offer this feature too that makes customer handling easy. The auto-attendant characteristics route all the calls without any human intervention. 

There are several other plus points of auto attendant feature, such as:

  • Less Staff Hiring
  • Keep Agents Active
  • Make Clients Happy

8) Anonymous Call Rejection

Indeed, all calls are not equally important as there are some spam calls too. This is where the need for anonymous call rejection arises. This feature prevents calls from blocked or unknown caller IDs from reaching your business.

As compared to the traditional calls, VoIP is a cost-effective and flexible option for business owners.

Here we have enlisted the top VOIP benefits; just go through them:

  • No Need for Special Infrastructure: There is no requirement to buy and install a new framework as the VoIP utilizes the existing one, which is already in place for the internet. It can also be interfaced with the Public Switched Telephone Network. Through VoIP, an entrepreneur can make calls to another computer, another mobile phone, an ordinary telephone, or another VoIP phone.
  • Convenient: With VoIP, the physical location of a business house is immaterial; it can be located anywhere in the world. Easy contact is enabled as long as there is access to a computer. A businessman can make calls all over the world at cheaper costs. When a business has branches worldwide, VoIP is a very convenient way to keep in touch.
  • Group Calling: It also provides opportunities for conducting conferences efficiently as one can talk to more than one person at a time.

Final Verdict

I hope this article proves useful for you. To get all the latest VOIP updates, stay tuned!

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