Top 5 trends of food delivery changing the future of the industry

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    All the On-demand services are getting popular with time. Grubhub, UberEats and other apps are playing the pivotal role in the overall market and are among the best food delivery players. 

    They have been capturing huge shares in the market and are making great efforts to capture the massive share in the market. 

    Such apps and their websites make it more difficult for the new ventures and start-ups to think of more innovative market strategies to survive in this cutthroat competition. 

    To get in the competition and meet the demands of the customers which are always changing at a rapid rate. 

    The food delivery owners must need to get through the latest trends and all the technological advancements and integrate these advanced technologies in such a way that it delivers the needs of the customers as well as it satisfies the organizational goal. 

    What will completely change the food delivery trends in 2020? Here are the top 5 trends which must be integrated into your food delivery business to make your app stand alone in the market. 

    A business owner must be aware of the following trends :

    Millennials as key drivers

    Millennials are given the topmost priority when it comes to technological advancements or when anything is related to technology. 

    Millennials are the population which spends most of their time4 in considering such apps and order their packed food items from their favourite restaurants and cafes.

    Out of 5 millennials 3 of them visit the restaurants or they order food online from such apps. 

    With bigger purchasing powers and budgets millennials have much higher requirements and they expect everything on an instant basis whether its one-step checkout and much more. 

    To satisfy the millennials all the On-demand services are trying their best to satisfy the needs and On-demand food delivery is not an exception to it. 

    Modern Delivery Options

    Modern problems requires modern solutions 

    Food delivery companies are not dependent on the labour force as they were earlier. 

    All the companies and their business owners are looking to integrate innovative ways to speed up their deliveries and lowering down the costs associated with labour force, use of drones, robots and third party delivery partners has made it more easy for restaurants to execute the deliveries to their customers. 

    Delivery with Robots

    The evolution of AI technologies is giving a rise to all the self-driving cars and even robots.

    For example, Starship technologies along with entering into collaborations with Just Eat have been developing moving pavement droids to make the deliveries of the food across the cities of the United Kingdom.

    These droids can travel upto 4 miles within an hour and make the delivery takeaway in a 10 mile radius.

    GPS signals and cameras make it possible to navigate the droids and reach the destination in time and the customers get its delivery from the location which was entered by them. 

    Such modes of delivery also attracts new customers. Amazement and technological wonders can make your app achieve skyrocketing results within a short span of time. 

    Delivery with Drones 

    The first food delivery business to start with these drone delivery services is Tacocopter which can deliver tacos in the region of San Francisco.

    After such a Tacocopter we observe the burrito bomber and even Domicopter which was on its mission to get tested and this was adopted by the independent Domino’s franchise in the United Kingdom in the year 2013.

    The drones are the perfect mode of transportation as they can avoid traffic congestion and even the traffic signals and the delivery of goods can also take place inside the customer?s home.

    Such methods of delivery can diminish the cost of logistics and other resources which are used to make the deliveries possible. Such methods can entertain customers as well as the business owners. 

    Embracing New Niches 

    Specific niches are the new area which is being highly focused by the food delivery services. 

    We have been observing the customers demanding for organic ingredients and fresh juices and smoothies. 

    The food delivery platforms are specially focusing on fulfilling such goods and services. 

    Working on the specific niche can break the barriers faced by start-ups making initial moves in the food industry. 

    As the owner of the food delivery business one must keep its focus on new niches that are gaining traction which includes using the food waste, pet food and even the virtual kitchens. 

    Food waste apps 

    Every year, 1/3rd of the food produced across the world gets wasted. 

    Such food waste apps can solve the problems and save the planet from the shortage of food which are likely to be placed in the near future. 

    Such apps can also assist the restaurants and even the grocery stores to get rid of the leftover food and even supply the needy people at a lower price to give away the left-over food. 

    Food for all is one of such apps which provides services of the unsold and leftover meals from all the local restaurants,cafes, delis with 50 percent off. 

    In such a manner one can grab a delicious meal at just $3. You are asked to place an order and pick up the food at a specific time provided by the app. 

    Pet Food Apps 

    The pet industry is quite money-making. Home delivery of pet foods are quite popular among parents and millennials.

    Such customers find that this is the best way to treat their pets or favorite friends. Such demand for pet foods has encouraged a number of pet food delivery service providers. 

    The foods and other products which are for the pets can get fulfilled within such a short period of time and within a click. Pet parents can place their order and expect the discounted price on the products of their choice. 

    1. Apps with a virtual kitchen

    UberEats has come up with the new concept of virtual kitchen. Such a platform makes the list of eateries and meals which are exclusive and only available in their specific apps. 

    UberEats decided to assist the restaurants to give a wide berth to the operational costs for opening a physical space and providing convenience for all the partner restaurants by providing them with its kitchen to prepare their meals. 

    The concept provides much more benefits to the food delivery platforms as they can save their costs and even focus precisely towards the development of the products to search and provide the most famous cuisines within specific regions. 

    Crypto Food Orders

    The rapid increase towards using blockchain technology has been bringing a new type of service : Crypto food orders. Customers across the world can make the orders of such kinds regarding takeaways or home deliveries with the help of cryptocurrencies.

    For example,  PizzaforCoins includes around 50 cryptocurrencies which are accepted as the only mode of payment when it comes to ordering from the app. 

    There are many food delivery companies accepting crypto currencies as one of the modes of payment and they are as follows :, Lobster Gram and even more. 

    By using such modes of cryptocurrencies, companies can even avoid cyber crimes and other fraudulent activities and at large even enhance the food ordering experience. 

    Big Data 

    Big Data is making revolutionary changes across the food delivery industry as it helps them to work more efficiently. 

    With the help of big data analytics the food delivery companies can get a brief idea of: 

    Road traffic 

    Effects of temperature on food products

    Impact of market trends on inventories 

    Purchasing history of the customers

    Items added in the shopping cart

    And even there are much more benefits which get provided with the integration of Big Data.

    The information helps in estimating the delivery time, monitoring the customers emotions on social media platforms and react to complaints and even personalizing the food offers and even more. 

    The Last Sentence

    With the modern technologies and smart solutions which are being used in the food delivery business the customers are becoming more and more demanding with time. 

    The competitors which are ready to deliver the tasty food at a cheaper price and with better customer service might fetch your loyal customers if the business owners do not work according to the trends. 

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