Top 8 SaaS Companies in India to Look Out For

SaaS Companies India

Software as a service or SaaS has truly redefined how businesses adopt new technologies.  Cloud-based access to software delivers unmatched agility and flexibility of scale to companies. By adopting this model, a company gets the freedom to streamline processes and focus on what they do best – i.e., their core operations.

SaaS businesses are different from other technology and service providers, where users are required to install a piece of software on their computer devices after purchase. Instead, SaaS companies maintain central control of software as a host while giving people the option to buy a subscription and use it through their browser. 

Most of the daily technologies we use are a part of SaaS, such as Microsoft Office, email, calendars, etc. What’s even better is that many SaaS companies in India have entered the playing field with great recognition and potential.

Top 8 SaaS Companies in India for 2024

1. TCS

The Tata consultancy services were established in 1968 and have the largest acclaim among all. With its massive spread, it has the 4th largest employee pool in India after the Indian Railways and the Indian Army. Their software services are used across all sectors of the country, from banking and medicine to education and travel. 

  • Headquartered in: Mumbai, India
  • Founded in: 1968
  • Company size: Over 500,000 employees worldwide
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Notable clients: TCS serves a wide range of clients across industries. The list generally includes Fortune 500 companies and leading global enterprises.

This multinational company deals in cybersecurity, digital engineering, automation, data analytics, insights, and cognitive operations. Not only do they garner the largest revenue, but they are also known to be welcoming to young people in the industry.

2. CONTUS Tech

In the field of product innovation, engineering, and implementation, CONTUS has been heading the line for a while. Founded 16 years ago by Sriram Maniharan, they have been leading in mobile app development, cloud computing, chatbot engineering, and other tech solutions.

  • Headquartered in: Chennai, India
  • Founded in: 2008
  • Company size: Over 400 employees
  • Industries: Technology, Software Development
  • Notable clients: CONTUS Tech caters to a diverse clientele, and almost half of them are from the ‘FORTUNE 500’ club. They range from startups to established enterprises across various sectors.

It is one of the most stable organizations when it comes to cloud technology and application development for diverse industries. CONTUS has garnered trusted employees who have been leading the march for tech intelligence.

3. The NineHertz

This is a SaaS company based in Rajasthan that focuses on outsourcing IT services. Their main area of expertise is creating mobile and web apps. 

  • Headquartered in: Jaipur, India
  • Founded in: 2008
  • Company size: Around 200 employees
  • Industries: Mobile App Development, Web Development, SaaS Products
  • Notable clients: The NineHertz boasts an impressive client portfolio, including top names like IBM, AWS, and Microsoft Partners

Their software products have proven to be resistant to cyberattacks and are largely user-friendly and easily navigable by even those who aren’t too adept with technology. They have worked with leading brands and have steadily built a stronghold in the arena of IT services.

4. Zoho

This is one of the pioneers of SaaS in India. They have some of the largest influence in the software service industry and offer diverse solutions that apply to almost every sector. They are also well known for their customer satisfaction and have promptly risen to be one of the forerunners when it comes to CRM, HR, etc., in India.

  • Headquartered in: Chennai, India
  • Founded in: 1996
  • Company size: Over 15,000 employees globally
  • Industries: Cloud Software, Business Management Solutions, Collaboration Tools
  • Notable clients: Zoho serves over 100 million users worldwide. Their services are opted by well-known brands like Amazon, Netflix, Suzuki and many more.

In 2023, they have garnered revenue of 2800 crore Rupees, proving their confidence and stronghold in the software solutions that they provide. Ever since, they have been consistent in administering their SaaS-powered projects to sectors such as hospitality, education, finance, etc.

5. Chargebee

This is one of the top SaaS companies in India, and it focuses on billing and revenue management. They cater to a diverse range of businesses and offer subscription-based solutions. 

  • Headquartered in: Chennai, India
  • Founded in: Late 2000s
  • Company size: Around 800 employees
  • Industries: Subscription Billing, Revenue Management, SaaS Solutions
  • Notable clients: Chargebee serves thousands of businesses globally, including notable names like Freshworks, Toyota,, Linktree, Typeform and more.

They have been steadily expanding in the Indian software arena ever since they acquired Stripe Billing in October of 2023. This has enabled them to widen and democratize their users and reach on a global scale.

Ever since their inception, they have been some of the speediest when it comes to their growth. They have done this all the while maintaining their focus on providing meaningful resolutions to their customers.

6. iWebservices

In the list of the best SaaS development companies in India, this name has been providing comprehensive web and mobile app solutions to their digital businesses. 

  • Headquartered in: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Company size: Approximately 200 employees
  • Industries: Web Development, Mobile App Development, SaaS Products
  • Notable clients: iWebservices serves a diverse clientele of over 1300 firms. They offer their services to prominent names like Hero Motors, Budweiser, Maximus, IEEE, and McCANN.

iWebservices has quickly built a name through its focus on providing customers with actionable and usable applications that they can deploy to reach more people in their own sectors. They have many teams of talented engineers who are adept at customizing apps and websites that are strong and resistant to traffic or cyberattacks.

7. Freshworks

This is another important name among SaaS based companies in India, and it has been specializing in developing engagement software for customers. 

  • Headquartered in: Chennai, India
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Company size: Over 5,000 employees globally
  • Industries: Customer Engagement, Sales, Marketing, Support
  • Notable clients: Freshworks serves over 60,000 plus businesses worldwide. They include leading brands like Pearson, Travix, Deichmann, Klarna and Bridgestone.

They provide B2B solutions and ideas indiscriminately to businesses all across sectors and boards. No matter how big or small the business is or at what stage of its operation, Freshworks has proven to be consistent in its services.

This is proved by the fact that by the 4th quarter of 2023, they showcased strong revenue earnings, which are only going to rise. Its headquarters is located in Chennai, and since 2010, it has garnered over 5000 employees.

8. Mphasis

Founded in the early 200s, this company is a result of the twin efforts of India and America. 

  • Headquartered in: Bengaluru, India
  • Founded in: 1998
  • Company size: Around 30,000 employees
  • Industries: Application Services, Blockchain Business, Process Services. Cognitive Cyber Security, DevOps
  • Notable clients: Mphasis serves a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies like HP, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch and more.

The primary focus of Mphasis is software-based action including cybersecurity, cloud computing, product engineering, and app development. While partially ideated in India, this is one of the more global entries that has diversified its area of influence across different countries and sectors.

With branches in over 19 countries outside of India- namely Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UK – its area of expertise and talent is vast. It specializes in software services for banks, hotel management, insurance, and the manufacturing sector.


As the SaaS area continues to ripple with changes and new ideas, it is important for people to know the main players. These services cross different sectors of our lives, often without us even noticing how pervasive they are. That’s why it is important for people to know about the top SaaS companies in India and keep their options for employment and consultations open.


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