Top 5 Reasons To Learn Blockchain In 2021

Learn Blockchain

The new year is about to unfold with a lot of hopes and aspirations for many. Amidst the cure for Covid0-19 people are also eyeing towards the development of technology, making lives simpler. One such change that we will be witnessing is the surge of Blockchain technology. Ever since the world got to know about Blockchain, there has been a constant rise in demand. From finance to the food sector, every business vertical is exploring the different use cases of Blockchain and how it can help the business become better. With all this, there is also a growing demand for Blockchain professionals who can render this technology and make the business operations seamless. 

Whether you are planning to make a career in finance, IT, education, healthcare or any other field, you will see Blockchain slowly making its way into our lives. So, it becomes important that you must choose a career option that is far more useful and will also give you a competitive edge over the others. If you are still confused, why Blockchain should be your focus area, then we have covered it here in this blog. 

Why should you learn Blockchain?

Upgrade yourself- So, you are planning to make a good career growth, but have you thought about what will help you make this exposure is career must. Well, the answer lies in the fact that you need the right knowledge and expertise in the right domain. And what better than choosing Blockchain technology. Although Blockchain is at a nascent stage, and it is undergoing transformation, but still Blockchain is expected to become a leading technology in the future. Most of the companies are now hiring individuals who know about Blockchain to work in multiple dimensions. It is eventually going to benefit the company. So, if you have gained expertise in this field, it will give you a competitive edge over the others.

It offers universal infrastructure- The next reason what makes Blockchain an inevitable technology of the future, and your area of interest is that it is a horizontal innovation, and offers universal infrastructure. It means that the Blockchain platform is a ledger that allows the exchange of information, and this can be used by any industry that wishes to have a streamlined and flawless data exchange system. Moreover, there is no need to separately invest in different infrastructure; Blockchain has a universal approach. It can easily integrate into a different system, and thus can prove to be beneficial for the companies. If individuals know about Blockchain, they stand a better chance of making good growth in their careers.

Good pay: Any individual’s end objective is to get a good salary after they have completed their education. Hence, most individuals are now looking for a career option that can give them an advantage over others. With Blockchain, you not only stand a chance of getting more money but at the same time, you can also get a good job profile. On average, the salary of a Blockchain professional is higher than a software developer. For example, a Blockchain developer’s average salary is $73,300 in Europe, while the average in the US is $136,000. So, we can say that any individual who wishes to make a good career move should learn this technology.

Job security: You would surely not want to enter a business segment which doesn’t offer the right growth. But with Blockchain, you don’t have to think twice. The technology is a leading one, and it also guarantees complete job security. It is expected that Blockchain will witness a CAGR of 67.3%. It shows that Blockchain will see the rise of a new era, which means you have a huge growth and development scope. So, if you are looking for a lucrative job option, then Blockchain is the right stepping stone for you. 

Stay ahead of the competition- Knowledge about new technology, and technical development will keep you ahead of the competition. Not only will you know about new technology, but you will surely gain an insight into a new world. Upgrading the knowledge base keeps you ahead of the competition. 

So, if you are looking for making a good career growth, then Blockchain is the right choice. The technology is growing and is garnering a lot of attention. Anyone who wishes to make a good career growth should not skip on learning blockchain.

The right move

Choosing the right learning platform will be the right move for you. Blockchain certification is in great demand, but it’s only a handful of institutions and platforms like Blockchain Council offer a good learning source. You can connect with then, and start exploring the new horizons of success. 

Blockchain is the future, and we have discussed all the good reasons that makes it the right choice for anyone who wishes to make a good career choice. 

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