Top 5 Programs Available on the Best Podcast Platform for Listening

best podcast platform for listening
best podcast platform for listening

The first question first � what do you do when you want to get entertained? Watch TV, OTT (Over-the-Top) content, or play video games? Whatever you do, it�s not feasible to continue using these entertainment sources for too long. The reason? They require you to stare continuously on the screen, which is not healthy for your eyes. Why? It may cause eye strain, placing you in a very uncomfortable situation. So, what is the potential solution for this issue? You can make the most of an alternative entertainment resource, i.e., podcast. It is a hands-free and eyes-free form of entertainment that allows you to listen to various audience-hooking programs, including news, stories, and interviews. So, let�s see some attention-grabbing shows available on the best podcast platform for listening:

1. Grand Tamasha

In this podcast, you will find Milan Vaishnav and his guests from different parts of the world analysing the new developments in Indian politics, economics, society, foreign policy, and many more areas. Just to let you know, this show on the �best podcast platform for listening� is a co-production of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Hindustan Times to which a global audience hears.�

2. Women in Labour

This digital media is widely known as a comedy podcast where the host dives into taboo topics associated with women, work, power, family, and other similar subjects. In this program, run by Aditi Mittal and Christina MacGillivray, you will come across questions like:

A. Why do women do the most unpaid work in the world?

B. What�s stopping us from finding our inner boss?

C. Why do we preface our work emails with �I was just wondering�.�?�

D. And the most important one � what�s keeping us away from India�s workplaces?

Once you listen to thispodcast�by a comedian and filmmaker, you are highly likely to become its fan.�

3. Millennial Paisa

If you don�t know what the term �millennial� means here, it represents the folks entering young adulthood in the early 21st century. So, the purpose of �Millennial Paisa� is to help young people in India understand the complex world of personal finance and investing. 

If you are part of the younger generation in India, you must hear this audio file frequently to find the answer to questions about equities, debt, credit cards, mutual funds, and online shopping. The best podcast platform for listening has brought this show to�educate young Indians�about crucial finance and investment topics and help them build an economically secure future.�

4. Getting Lost with Archit and Shirin 

If you are fond of cooking and eating delicious meals, your wavelength will likely match Archit and Shirin, two amateur cooks from India. They love carbs, cheese, and chocolate very much since they talk about them most of the time and other things too. So, if you want to learn some excellent recipe cooking tips and household tricks, �Getting Lost with Archit and Shirin� is the most suitable podcast for you. 

And do you know what the icing on the cake is? They share some pretty funny stories that only self-taught cooks can deliver. 

5. Ek Hiraeth 

If you are reading this term for the first time, you probably don�t know the meaning of �Hiraeth,� right? It means remembering such places that you feel like they don�t exist in the real world, but you have felt that deeply. 

So, this is what you will experience when you hear this podcast. It�s like something unseen, unheard, but you have lived that life. Remember, there are chances that some incidents could have happened in your life, and you can relate to its episodes better. However, if that is not the case with you, you can still nicely relate to these tales. 

Do you know what the primary purpose of this digital show is? To make your loneliness more meaningful and beautiful through some Hindi and Urdu stories. 

Why should you rely on a top podcast platform for listening to these programs?

They offer you plenty of convenient features for hearing digital audio files while you are on the go. For example:

1. Listen to media items at your speed, like 0.5x, 1x, or 2x

2. Make podcast playlists including your desired episodes

3. Hear before bed or while doing other chores 

4. Choose your favourite from hundreds of readily available podcasts

5. Download the podcast app or directly go to their website for listening 

The final note 

We hope you have enough reasons to head to the optimal podcast platform now. So, if you want to listen to highly engaging yet informative materials online, don�t forget to visit the best podcast listening website at the earliest. 


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