Top Home Decor Ideas Using Baskets

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Everybody likes to have their home clean and organized. A well decorated and maintained house looks good. We all know that there should be a place allocated for everything in the house, to make it organized and clean. Like your clothes should be placed in the closet, your books should be on your shelves, crockery in the kitchen or credenza, etc. However, there are always some items at home that don’t have an exact place to be kept.  They are tossed around here and there all the time. For example, newspapers and magazines are often seen lying on the kitchen table. This is where items like small woven basket come to the rescue. 

Baskets are the most underrated items in your household. They are lightweight, vibrant, and budget-friendly options that serve various purposes. Baskets help organize and store various items in your household and serve as great decorative items for your house. Baskets come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of designs to complement your home decor. They are the perfect options to be used as a classic wall art in your house for decorating, and they subtly add texture and beauty to your room. From serving as an item that helps add a personal and stylish touch to your house, store items for various other things in your house. 

Here are some of the ways baskets can be used for storing and decorating in your house. 

1- Extra space in your house

We all face storage problems many miscellaneous items such as pillows, blankets, books, magazines in the house. Baskets like small woven basket make storing items so much easier and provide extra storage to organize all your items properly. Baskets can easily be adjusted anywhere in your house and can be shifted from one place to another. You can use baskets to place items that are used less frequently, like hats and gloves. 

2- Baskets near Furniture

You can use small baskets to create a huge difference in the style and look of your entire house. One example is placing baskets near the furniture of living rooms like Sofas. Baskets look nice and vibrant on the side table next to Sofa. They are very useful to place magazines, books, TV, and AC remotes near you if needed. Baskets give a unique and classy look to your living room. 

3- Can be used for open shelves 

Open shelves are the simple and attractive open spaces on the house. They serve the purpose of placing miscellaneous things like books, magazines, wall arts, teddy bears on the wall shelves. Open shelves are a unique and creative way to decorate your house. Add small baskets on the shelves to make them look more attractive and properly organize all your items. In addition, baskets give more texture and style to your shelves. 

4- Baskets for bathroom and kitchen 

Use baskets to place extra hand towels, toilet papers, and lotions on the baskets. You can choose the different sizes and types of the basket, according to your need and the items you need to store in it. For example, you can use baskets to store fragrant soaps, shampoos, and other items of refreshments for your guests. Similarly, baskets come very handy for organizing and storing kitchen supplies. Place the basket in a place where it is easy to access essentials like cooking oils and spices. 

5- Decorative Tray

Baskets serve as a great decorative tray for organizing essential kitchen items like cooking oils, spices, and other storage vessels. A Basket tray such as the mother of pearl tray looks very attractive and unique to organize different items. Basket trays can also be used as a plant holder for decorative plants in your living room. Using basket trays instead of plant pots is a unique way to place your plants in the house.

Final words 

Baskets are a very convenient item that should be in everyone’s household. You would be surprised to know how much these small and affordable items can help in your house. Baskets are perfect for organizing various things in your household. Colorful baskets give your house a unique and vibrant look and work very well as decorative items. Colorful baskets can also be used to organize your closet in a category and it helps your children identify where items are supposed to go. Basket trays like the mother of pearl tray are also very useful as decorative trays for placing essential items. 

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