Top 8 Things To Do With VPS in Turkey other than Hosting Websites

When it comes to hosting your website, you all choose a good web hosting service that can offer a good hosting environment. VPS is one of the most common hosting type services that most website owners choose to host their website.

When we talk about VPS services, all we think about is hosting our websites. But the fact is the VPS hosting can be used for many things other than hosting websites, surprised?

With VPS you can do many amazing things because a VPS is an always-on always-connected server. Due to this, it is capable of running anything that can be run on a Linux box (if it doesn’t need GUI). That is why VPS becomes useful for various kinds of projects. 

If you just find this out and wonder what else you can do on a VPS other than hosting a website then you are not alone! Let us help you by telling you some of the cool things to do with VPS in Turkey.

Top 8 Things to do with VPS in Turkey

1. Create A Private Sync Service 

Getting a private sync service is the best thing you can do with a VPS. After all who would like to sync their private data to a third-party server that they can’t control. These third-party servers are also expensive too, so you may as well save some money by using your VPS in Turkey to create a private sync service of your own. 

The private sun service would allow you to sync your data between multiple devices just like Dropbox. You can install a BitTorrent Sync on a VPS to create a syncing platform. This would match the functionality of a Dropbox minus the security and privacy concerns. 

2. Deploy A Personal Cloud 

Apart from the syncing service, you can also create a personal cloud on your VPS Turkey. This would ensure that it is available from wherever you need it to be. With an ownCloud, you can not only get to sync your data but it would also include a calendar, a task manager, document editing, and galleries. 

3. Encrypt Your Wireless Connections 

Connection to an unknown wireless connection is never safe. You can never know who would be intercepting your connection while you are connected to a public wireless connection. The VPS allows you to fully encrypt the connection between your device and an online server. This ensures nothing comes between your device and your online connection and safeguard your data as well. 

Additionally, you can also connect to regionally blocked content (for example the blocked content on Netflix). Although it is not that safe and one may also lose their Netflix account. So use it carefully and you can get a pretty good advantage. 

4. Run Private Analytics 

If you want to analyze stuff for your website then you should rather do it on your own server than relying on services like Google Analytics. You can easily do web analytics that would get you features like GA, real-time analytics, geolocation, visitor tracking, and referred analysis. 

You can also use a VPS in Turkey to run business analytics or to handle large-scale data analysis. Apps like Jupyter which are VPS compatible would be a perfect choice to do data science and it also serves as a developmental tool. 

5. Manage Your Projects 

You would need a good web-accessible project management tool if you run a small business that employs remote workers. There are plenty of project management tools that are supported on VPS which makes it easier to run your business. 

6. Develop and Test Your Code 

Not many people know but a VPS provides you a perfect sandbox for your development process. All you need to do is to tap into the resources the VPN is providing and run whether you want to, this will make the remote development a cakewalk. 

VPS will provide an ideal environment for testing your applications and allowing you to find and fix the bugs and glitches. Overall, VPS can be a lifesaver if you run a development-focused business and need a decent testing environment. 

7. Manage Your IoT Devices 

If you use tons of embedded sensors and smart devices then a VPS service can do wonders for you. 

If you do use a lot of smart devices then you would need to manage them as well. The VPS services can help you to manage all these devices effectively and efficiently. You can easily push the data gathered by these devices to your VPN and analyze them with the tool of your choice. 

8. Automate Everything  

If you want to automatically manage a media or game server then VPS can be your ultimate solution. Just run a hot off your VPS and you would be good to go. Not only this, but the VPS can also be used to set up a lightweight chat client that your visitors or used or even your colleagues can use to stay in touch with one another. 

So these are some of the best things that you can do on VPS other than hosting a website or a web application. 

As long as you have a decent VPS hosting provider in Turkey, you can do all these things efficiently. So in a way, you must invest in a good web hosting provider to get a smooth functioning VPS service. Since there are too many choices for web hosting providers, people can easily get confused over which one to trust. 

Let’s find out which one is the best VPS hosting provider in Turkey. 

Best VPS Hosting Provider in TURKEY

Best VPS Hosting Provider in TURKEY: Serverwala

Serverwala is one of the topmost web hosting providers in Turkey that you can rely upon. They offer some of the best services and highest performance to their clients. You will get a reliable, flexible, and secure service with Serverwala’s VPS in Turkey plan. 

Not only Serverwala offers the best services, but they also offer it at an affordable cost as well. You can easily find cheap plans and packages for VPS hosting in Turkey with Serverwala. 

They have thousands of customers across the world and they have made sure that every one of their customers gets the best services. 

Some of the features offered by Serverwala are: 

Higher Performance- Serverwala offers a high level of performance with their Turkey VPS hosting services. Clients would get all the adequate resources for their website to ensure higher performance. 

Flexibility- Serverwala offers a high level of flexibility to its clients. With their VPS hosting Turkey plans they can easily configure the settings and other features as per their preferences. 

Scalability- not only the clients would get the best resources fully dedicated to them, but they would be able to scale them as well. You can easily purchase them as you need them. 

99.99% Uptime- Serverwala makes sure that you get a higher uptime so your website would be available to them. They also ensure zero downtime. 

Full Root Access- since you will get full root access, you will have full control over the server. You can install any software or web application without any restrictions. 


Who knew you could do all these things with VPS? But now that you know, you may as well try doing them as well. It would be helpful if you have a private syncing service or your Cloud as well! 

With Serverwala, you will get excellent service at a cheap price. Apart from all the aforementioned features of Serverwala, you would get 24/7 customer support from the company. You also don’t have to pay extra to set up an account and you can even cancel the services without having to pay any cancellation fee. Overall Serverwala VPS in Turkey is one of the best VPS providers and you can find everything you want in your VPS hosting services. 

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