Top Electrical Engineering Trends That Will Transform The Upcoming Years

    2021 has been a year of immense growth and innovation across the industries. Some projects gained pace due to the Covid19 industry decline, the others finally received a platform to communicate the benefits of the new technology and gained popularity among the civilians.?

    Among the industries of IT and digital marketing, the trendiest is electrical engineering. While we chase around a professional electrical contractor in Dubai, the electrical engineering industry itself is chasing the skies.?

    Technology is fully profitable if it?s reaching the home of the common man. Below we have created a list of top trends in the field of electrical engineering designed to transform social structures.?

    Top Electrical Engineering Trends That Will Transform The Upcoming Years

    Top Electrical Engineering Trends That Will Transform The Upcoming Years 

    As someone who has enjoyed the thriller dystopian show the “the black mirror” is quite well imagining what the future may be like with the most advanced technologies as a part of our day-to-day life. 

    While we hope that technology does not take over our consciousness, below are some futuristic technologies that will become an achievable goal in 2021.  Here are a few hot trends in the field of electrical engineering that will shape our future. 

    Top Electrical Engineering Trends That Will Transform The Upcoming Years

    EV charging Infrastructure:

    With the growing trend of electrification, energy infrastructure is being pushed to upgrade charging stations to support a multitude of technologies. the power stations would reportedly support fully automated self-driving capable vehicles such as intelligent cars, energy-supported bikes, and transport trucks. The EV charging infrastructure is the hottest trend in work to eliminate system overloads and allow the vehicles to choose optimal charging times with negotiable accurate positioning. 

    Advanced Renewable:

    sustainability is one of the biggest challenges in climate change. . technologies are being innovated to preserve the natural resources for the upcoming generations. According to experts, in the next 30 years, we will run out of reserves if we fail to implement sustainability. 

    For the cause to save the human-inhabited globe, renewable energy innovations have been one of the top trends. The renewable energy sector is working for a significant increase in energy density for faster-charging capacity and cost reduction per unit. the battery technology for renewable technology with aid to the independence of non-dispatchable outputs such as solar energy during the night. 

    The advanced battery technology will replace the use of lithium and cobalt, materials that are essential for high-capacity batteries yet are relatively rare. 

    Pre Fabricated Products:

    When it comes to prefabricated products, opinions vary between electrical engineers. Pre-fabricated products gained popularity to bridge the gap between the labor shortage and the growing demand for electrical engineers. It’s harder for the companies to wait a good four years for graduates to join the company and a few more for the experience. 

    Pe fabricated products are religiously used on big projects to save time on repetitive tasks, the [re fabricated products significantly reduce the project completion time and ensure the safety of the engineers. 

    It is often purported that the prefabricated products threaten the job opportunities of the engineers. However, with growing innovations, it’s only best to learn advanced skills to stay relevant in the field.

    Wireless Power Technology:

    While the companies are working hard to make energy reusable and sustainable, another aspect growing in the electric field is wireless power transfer. 

    While the technology is at a primitive stage with wireless charging of phones, laptops, earphones, and other devices, the main aim is to simultaneously develop technology for wireless charging of vehicles as well. 

    till the future comes, right now the hype is about the wireless wearable tech detects and alerts the owner about threats and health conditions. The same technology is also being used for bracelets for engineers. such as the proxxi bracelets or the sole power boots that alert the engineer when he gets too close to the high voltage electricity, a;erts overheating, and the proximity to fall with inbuilt features for sending, lighting, GPS, and cloud connectivity. 

    Project Software Management:

    While the idea of project management software isn’t as exciting as the other innovations, it has been one of the most sought and popular technologies in the electrical engineering industry. the software aid in sophisticated and simple ways to keep a record of in-progress tasks. the technology has tremendously  increased productivity  and minimize the losses, 

    Cloud-based technology is safer and sustainable in the long term as well as cost-effective.

    Along with the engineers, other industries are also indulging in setting up the software for their benefits including the medical healthcare industry

    Are these trends about it?

    Not at all! With the growing need for innovation, the industry of electrical engineering is getting innovative, competitive, and interesting. The above-mentioned trends are just a few to mention innovations catching up the pace. Soon these technologies will be accessible to the common people just like wifi accessibility from home to public areas. 

    The main purpose of electrical engineering is to preserve and sustain the resources while being cost effective. The trends so far may look out of budget for most of us but it’s only the beginning. The electrical engineering industry is working simultaneously for industry smart solutions as well as home comfort solutions.

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