Top 10 digital wallet app solution providers in India

Digital wallets have changed our payment ways. Check out the ten Indian digital wallet providers who are disrupting the Indian wallet markets.

With the adoption of cards and digital wallets, the world is slowly marching towards a cashless society. Now you do not have to carry bulky wallets everywhere. You can pay anything at your comfort by using digital wallets.

A digital wallet is a virtual wallet that allows you to make payments anywhere. Digital wallets have increased the speed of transactions by enabling users to make payments directly from their bank account. Also, it follows all the necessary regulations for stronger payment security.

If you are a digital payment service provider, then a digital wallet solution can boost your business reach. You can hire software development team for making a profitable digital wallet. Before you start with your eWallet app development, you need to look at the best digital wallet app solution providers of India.

Which are the top digital wallet providers in India?

The demand for mobile wallets hiked after the demonetisation in 2016. Before that Indian economy was heavily dependent on cash. The demand for digital wallets has increased during this period to cope up with this shortage of cash created by the demonetisation. That’s why many companies have started making digital wallets to earn more profits. Here is a list of ten successful Indian digital wallet providers:

1.   Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is a successful digital payment service provider with an experience of fifteen years. Its headquarter is in Wroclaw, Poland. It provides robust QR POS systems, mobile wallets, customer loyalty management, and digital payments systems.

Wallet factory provides three types of digital payments that are In-App, Online and In-Store. Also, it provides robust digital money transfer software for providing domestic and international money transfer facilities.

2.   Openway

Openway started its operations in Belgium in 1995. It has provided cutting edge digital FinTech solutions to many businesses around the globe. Currently, it is serving 17 countries across the world. It uses personalised UX for a great user experience. Openway’s solution also offers web-based workbenches to the users for effortlessly managing their daily tasks.

Openway’s digital wallet solution WAY4 allows the fintech businesses to provide a great payment experience to their customers. This digital wallet solution accepts multiple payment methods like cards, QR codes, etc. Openway’s services are availed by more than 130 banks across the world.

3.   DigiPay

DigiPay is an Ahmedabad based digital wallet solution provider. It was established in 2019. DigiPay provides modern digital FinTech solutions such as mobile wallets, agency banking solutions and international remittances to its users.

DigiPay’s wallet solution is compliant with PCI-DSS and GDPR for better payment safety. With DigiPay’s wallet solution, you can provide an omnichannel experience to your customers. They can avail it on both web and app.

DigiPay’s wallet solutions are equipped with all necessary reports and analytics that can help you to plan better strategies to grow your business.

4.   Mangopay

MANGOPAY is a Luxembourg based digital payment service provider that provides its services to many B2C and C2C firms. It was founded in 2013. Later, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa acquired it in 2015. Currently, 2500+ payment providers are using their white label solution.

Mango Pay supports multiple payment methods to give a convenient payment experience to the users. Its digital payment solutions enable users to make high-speed money transfers.

Also, users can create multiple wallets by using Walletpay’s digital payment solution. They can even split their funds among multiple persons using these wallets.

5.   Peerbits

Peerbits was established in Ahmedabad in 2011. It has delivered more than six hundred projects till now. It has served more than 450 clients. Peerbits has its presence in India, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Oman and Germany. Peerbits provides software and digital payment solutions to its clients.

Peerbits’ highly skilled technical team makes top-notch FinTech solutions for its clients. Its digital wallet solutions are used by FMCGs, eCommerce service providers, retailers, etc.

6.   Seamless

Seamless is a digital solution provider situated in Sweden. It was established in 2001. It processes more than 14 billion transactions per year. It has its presence in 50+ nations.

Seamless provides end to end digital payment solutions to its customers. Seamless has delivered more than 2,000,000 point of sale solutions. Its products have reached more than 500 million users across the world.

Seamless provides multiple facilities like report management, merchant and users management, transaction management and voucher management to its users.

7.   Panamax

Panamax was established in 2001. It is the technical branch of the Bankai group. It provides FinTech solutions to telecom operators, Fintechs, Banks, etc. Panamax’s digital wallet solution supports mobile money, international remittances, microcredit, agency banking, etc.

Panamax’s mobile wallets solutions can be easily integrated with OCS. Also, it provides the facility of KYC implementation and subscriber beneficiary management to its users.

Panamax’s digital wallet is integrated with rich royalty solutions that enable you to personalize your customer’s payment experience.

8.   Rpaywallet

Rpay is a digital wallet solution developed by Ramsoft. It contains three panels – admin app, merchant app and customer app. Customers can easily load money into their wallets and later use it for paying for their necessities.

Rpay uses a user-friendly interface to provide a robust user experience to its customers. Due to this interface users can comfortably make payments for anything.

By using Rpay digital wallet, customers can also make hasslefree money transfers to anywhere in the world.

9.   Novatti

Novatti is an Australia based financial services and payment solution provider. It was established in 2012 by Peter Cook. Novatti’s services consist of merchant acquiring, card issuing, payment processing, payment settlements, etc.

Novatti’s wallets solutions can be accessed over smartphones, credit cards, debit cards, POS systems, etc. It also allows its users to use digital banking files to settle their customer’s accounts.

Users can utilise robust technologies such as QR Codes, Bluetooth, iBeacon, etc on Novatti digital wallet solutions. By using it, you can provide your services to a large range of customers.

10. Comviva

Established in 1999, Comviva is a subsidiary unit of Mahindra. Mahindra has a 51% stake in this company. It provides mobile wallet solutions, Infotainment, mobile data management, FinTech solutions, eWallets to its customers.

Comviva has served more than 2 billion customers till now. Conviva has fifty patents under its name. It is serving in more than 95 countries.

Comviva supports multiple payment methods such as USSD, QR codes, Near field communication, etc. It also offers microfinance services like loans, savings accounts, insurance, etc.

Final Words

Mobile wallets are opening a new door to the cashless economy. They have become more user-friendly and secure. Many new features are being added in these apps to make it more compatible with the constantly changing payment landscape.

Here we have discussed ten successful Indian digital wallets with you but the list doesn’t end here, there are still more to come in the future. So it’s the best time for you to make a profitable digital wallet that can help you to accept payments conveniently.

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