Top Countries To Go For MBBS Course Abroad

MBBS Course Abroad

A career in medicine is one of the most sorted and stable careers in India. It is one of the most contributing jobs as compare to other professions as it promotes the good health of people. Due to high competition in entrance exams, some students tend to go to other countries for studying MBBS. France, Germany, Canada, China, and Russia are the main countries who offer high standard education. A brief description of studying MBBS in these countries are given below with the documents and language required for applying for abroad MBBS study:

Study MBBS in France

France?s Universities offer a high standard of education which includes old age medical practice tradition study. Unit?s de formation et de recherche de m?decine(UFR) is the regulatory body for supervising the MBBS course in the universities so that a high-quality education system is maintained. The course is a 9 years(6 years of medical school study + 3 years of clinical residency training of students) plan system offered by the universities and medium of language used is mostly French. Therefore, learning French is necessary in order to stay and study there. 

Some of the main MCI(Medical Council of India) approved universities are:

? University of Paris

? University of Paris Sud

? Paris Diderot University

? Descartes University

? Pierre and Marie Curie University

Study MBBS in Canada

The general medical course program is 3-5 years which is dependent on the university you choose to pursue MBBS. Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) should be taken by the students in order to get enrolled in any of the universities/colleges of Canada. With the addition to the MBBS course, 2 to 7 years of residency training is also required to be done by the student.

Some of the main MCI approved universities are:

? University of Western Ontario

? Trinity Western University

? University of Waterloo

? University of Western Ontario

? University of Alberta

Study MBBS in Germany

Low Fees as compared to other western countries with a well-defined education system. Germany has a world-class education offering to its students with 5-6% of seats reserved for international students. The course is generally of 6 years and students who want to get admission to MBBS courses in Germany would have to qualify Test for Medical Studies(TMS).

Some of the main MCI approved universities are:

  • Humboldt University
  • Philipps University
  • University Heidelburg
  • University of L?beck
  • University of Freiburg

Study MBBS in China

A low fee structure and a total of 45 MCI approved colleges in China. Most of the colleges are government-funded with high standards of education offered to every student. Being a superpower country, China aims to produce the highest number of doctors and engineers so that they can contribute to the well-being of the nation. The course is generally of 5 years + 1 year of internship practice

After you study MBBS in China, you can easily practice in India just by clearing the MCI screening test.

Some of the main MCI approved universities are:

? Sun Yat-sen University

? Soochow University

? Sichuan University

? Wenzhou Medical University

? Xi’an Jiaotong University

Study MBBS in Russia

MCI has approved 54 universities of Russia and all are government-funded universities. These universities have a low fee- structure as compared to Indian private colleges and universities.

One thing about studying in Russian universities is that most of the universities out of 54 have their education system strictly taught in the Russian language only so language should be kept in mind while choosing the university. The course is of generally 6 years with 1 additional year for internship.

Some of the main MCI approved universities are:

Siberian State Medical University

Permskiy Gosudarstvennyy Meditsinskiy University

Kursk State University

Kazan Federal University

Dagestan State Medical Academy


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