Top 5 Brand Identity Companies in Bangalore

integrated branding and graphic design
integrated branding and graphic design

An agency that is making waves because of its brand identity strategies is Vitamin B Designs. Hailing from the garden city of India, they are masters of launching and renovating brands in the market with the help of design strategies so strong that the brands go on to become global successes. If you are looking to launch your products or services in a specific market and are failing to understand how to design or position your brand so it doesn�t get lost in an ocean of competitors, this is the place for you. The team at Vitamin B Designs is unmatched in the art of creating distinguished, reputable brands. They integrate visual elements with text-based components that create a set of complimenting brand assets to give your business the facelift it deserves.

Their expertise in integrated branding and graphic design yields desirability and �premiumness� that others just cannot provide. You can get their assistance across a range of services including Brand Positioning, Brand Tone/Voice, Purpose, Mission and Vision, Brand portfolio and Architecture, Visual Language, Brand Guidebook, Logo, Packaging Design, Collaterals, and more. They have worked with numerous players in industries such as fashion retail, food, hospitality, and creative arts. They believe in devising bold, creative concepts that bring brands to life. When it comes to brand identity, there really is no one better than Vitamin B Designs. 

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Bangalore based perfect branding agency whose efforts help brands communicate with their target audiences and reach out around the world is Moshi. It was originally started by two college students and has already achieved some wonderful milestones. This is a great place to bring your startup to because they strategize and make sure that people embrace and accept the brand as it is.�

The outstanding services offered by Moshi include PR, Advertising, Logos, Brand Consultancy, Media Buying and Planning, Websites, videos, and many more features that help create some phenomenal concepts that are exceptional in their own right. Branding needs accuracy, and Moshi secures it.

Bangalore-based Pink Lemonade has done well to differentiate itself as a brand. It can help you hear what your audience has to say, share your message, tell your truth, and help grow your business by connecting you with the right people. Combined with fresh and relevant communication, their main strength is solving tangible business problems with their strong strategic thinking.�

This agency has proven to be a pro at delivering expert solutions and perfect delivery of solutions. It is not only about aesthetics and feel when it comes to great design. It’s about how it makes things work and adds value. The best way to make it stand out is to get the colors and the logo over the competition or do PR or other collateral. A combined effort will bring out the identity of the product, and Pink Lemonade aces it.

Geek, a Bangalore-based brand identity agency, is currently popular for its work. In addition to strategizing designs, they have mastered how to launch and popularize existing brands. Geek has provided services ranging from branding to online PR, developing large-scale installations, developing fresh concepts, as well as creating content and e-commerce scenarios. By merging online and offline branding modes, companies become more relevant and marketing intelligent, aiding them to be more people-centric.

Having expertise in social media engagement, branding, advertisement, and brand design, they provide the perfect solutions for brand-related identity. Media planning and buying, community outreach, online PR, e-commerce, mobile, tablets, and ideas are a few of the strategies that are employed. They are firm believers that your success is absolutely critical to their own, and they want all clients, regardless of size, to consider us long-term partners.

Freeflowideas is one agency that is making waves for its brand identity strategies. The Bangalore industry is known for its ability to launch and relaunch brands in India with such strong designs that they became global successes. Ideas that are relevant to the human experience are developed by these creatives, storytellers, and strategists. Incorporating proper research is done, followed by strategy and planning. Only then are the design elements incorporated.

Based on research findings, strategies, and designs, they are able to achieve the results that their clients most desire. They manage paid campaigns for both digital and offline events. Creative but practical solutions are always backed up by extensive research. Ads are the main focus, and it goes into UX/UI Design, Branding, and Responsive Web Design. Even when it comes to search engine optimization, social media marketing, or web design, their eyes are firmly fixed on the brand’s intentions. Flowing out of Namma Bengaluru, they venture into unexplored territories of brand design, technology relevance, and creative excellence.


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