Top benefits of cataract surgery

cataract surgery

Cataracts affect many people, especially older persons. It causes visual impairment and reduces the overall quality of life, so undergoing cataracts surgery is necessary. Cataracts surgery is generally safe, and millions of persons undergo the procedure yearly to have a perfect vision.One of the major benefits of cataract surgery is improved vision, but there are other benefits asides from this.

You may likely not have cataracts, but any eye condition that affects your vision also affects your lifestyle and increase your dependence on people. Cataracts and other eye conditions that leave you with poor vision may make you lose your driver?s license and reading vision or make it difficult to read. This may indirectly cause depression as there is a link between loss of vision, depression and anxiety.

Below are other top benefits of undergoing cataracts surgery asides from improved vision,

Improved quality of life

If you have developed cataracts, it will hinder you from carrying out certain everyday tasks like driving and reading. Your poor eyesight would make you more dependent on people for simple chores and could cause social withdrawal. This may also affect your health and other parts of the body.

Most people who undergo cataracts surgery, notice an immediate improvement in eyesight which also improves the quality of life. You would begin to gain back your independence. It becomes easy for you to drive and perform other hobbies, like knitting.

Reduce the risk of fractures and falls

Ageing makes it easy for people to fall, which leads to broken or fractured bones. Most times, it is poor eyesight in older people that leads to falls, and this is usually dangerous. Studies over time have established a link between poor eyesight, especially from cataracts, falls and fractures.

After undergoing cataracts surgery, your chances of falling and having breaks or fractures will reduce. With this, you avoid the effects of falls like getting confined to a bed or wheelchair and pain.

Improves the probability of a longer life

Being healthy improves your chances of living longer, and the same also applies for healthy eyes. People with cataracts have a reduced life expectancy rate due to frequent falls resulting from poor vision.

Undergoing cataracts surgery will likely help you live longer because you would have a better quality of life, seeing that you can freely engage in activities that make you happy.

Regain your independence

Poor vision resulting from cataracts puts you at risk of harming yourself and those around you. Simple tasks like reading labels on medications and spices become difficult. You begin to experience halos and glares at night. This increases the need to always have someone around to walk you to places or get your groceries from the local supermarket.

If you want to remain independent and have cataracts, it is best to consult your eye doctor for cataract surgery.

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