Top 5 games you can play to pass your time during quarantine


    Playing games with friends has always been fun but have you ever played those games with your parents and family?

    I guess the quarantine period made us create a stronger bond with family. The thrill is to go out, play, eat, drink, dance. Although there isn’t anywhere to go at the moment because of this pandemic, there are still plenty of things you can do right now, not with friends outdoors but indoors. It looks a little different right now but so is to have fun with what we have got.


    When boredom strikes, you have amazing games to play, laugh, fight, argue, and again play. Here are the top 5 games you can play to pass your time during the isolation period.


    The Lego game is truly fun for all ages. You can plan a family game night and connect with your kids. There are many challenges you can play with your opponent’s partner. Lego games include the construction of the tower, buildings, houses, and many more. This brings out the creativity in you. The Lego has several bricks with colorful fine plastic building blocks that can be joined together to make the house or tower, vehicles Robots using the colorful blocks.

    There is the ready base made up of holes in the bottom and studs on the top, which you can use to create your colorful construction. Whosoever builds the largest tower connecting the blocks wins. Create more fun playing with Lego games. Click the picture of yours and your kids with the colorful Lego tower or house you have built using the Lego set.


    Who says you need a bingo set to play a Bingo game?

    You just need plain paper and a pen, and you are ready to play the game. You just have to draw the big box on plain paper and draw the box’s vertical and horizontal lines. The line should divide the box into Five small boxes vertically and horizontally and then fill the boxes with 1 to 25 numbers. In any form, you can shuffle the number in any box between the lines. And write the spelling BINGO above every five boxes.

    The player then can call out the number to cut the same number, and then the opposite partner can spell any number the number should be cut in the form in any pattern criss-cross, horizontal and vertical or straight line. If one line filled with a number is cut, one can erase one letter from the word BINGO. The game continues in the same manner. Whoever gets the entire BINGO erased is the winner.


    We love playing board games, but from all of them, Monopoly is a challenging game, and it creates more fun. In the game, the player can roll two six-sided dice together to move around the game board. There are many pros and cons you need to follow in the game. There are buying and trading properties which one develops into houses and hotels. And then, the player collects the rent from their opponents to drive them bankrupt. There is artificial money distributed among the players, which comes along the game set.

    Money can also be gained with the rewards given by the challenges and be lost in the taxpayer, or players can end up in jail and cannot move until they meet the game’s condition. This game is also available online on? ( This game has several rules which are fun and exciting to play.

    Dumb Charades

    The name itself sounds fun. This is the best game if you plan the family game night and the game has no age limits. All the age group of people can play this game. The game requires two teams and two captains from different teams. Then each player from the opponent team is given a movie name, and he has to explain the entire movie by using the actions, dance, and using the hand rules set by the players.

    The player has to explain the movie to his team without uttering any word from his mouth. The team has to guess the movie in the given time limit, and if they succeed, the team gets 10 points. The game looks even more fun when it is watched when the player starts to explain the word from a movie or entire movie through the actions.

    Hot potato

    This play begins when everybody is sitting in a circle. The potato is passed to every player, and there is music played in the background the potato keeps on passing around the circle as quickly as they can till the music stops, and when the music stops, whoever holding the potato at the moment is out of the game and is given a punishment a flexible one where they are asked to sing, or dance, or he or she can show any of this talent they are best at. Then the game continues when only one player is left holding the potato. He is the winner of the game.


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