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Being a foodie isn’t just a thing, it’s an emotion isn’t it?

You bet it is, everytime you revisit your home or head to a new city you would surely want to try something new or something that was recommended by others if you’re passionate about trying new cuisines. But having said that, there are a couple of food experiences one shouldn’t miss even if one isn’t a foodie while travelling to places, it’s once in a lifetime experience that will also leave you wanting for more.

Europe is full of great food, so many places to see and many more breathtaking dining choices with a wide variety of cuisines. So where are your taste buds going during your visit to europe?

Here is a list of top 5 things you shouldn’t miss while you visit these cities:


A country that is so colourful with so many islands to visit? beaches & sun, national parks, and the sea. Croatia is well known for its gastronomic delights and the best way to experience the food here is to go on a local food tour which is full of culinary experiences that tells you about their olive oil, best wines and truffles. Enjoy the best of food in Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Rovinj, or Pula with a licensed tour guide.


Even though Italy is known for their pastas and pizzas, these little fried rice balls are to die for. Arancini- typically stuffed with meat and a little bit of veggies and mozzarella which are fried in breadcrumbs. Adding to this, never lose the chance to head over to the Tuscany side of Italy and be surrounded by vineyards, olive trees with the opportunity to do some wine tasting and bruschetta!


Any cheese lovers out there? count me in. Here is something you should never miss while you?re is swiss, the traditional swiss fondue served with crusty bread weizenbrot. The fondue is made with gruy?re, emmental cheese with an added kick of white wine and kirsch. Can you imagine the gooey heaven you will be in?


Two things you should surely try while you’re in austria: Palatschinken and Sausages at a W?rstelstand food stand.

If you got a sweet tooth, this slightly thicker and fluffier version of creps called Palatschinken is a must- served with apricot jam, whipped cream but today mostly enjoyed with nutella (duh).

For the street food lovers, visit the food stalls in every corner of Vienna where you get mind-blowing sausages, meat loaves called leberk?se and hot dogs filled with cheese which are essentially cooked in pork or beef- you meat lovers do not want to miss this.


Did someone say Waffles???? hell yes, give me more of those yummy belgium waffles- always amazing, ?nuff said. Always try them with nutella, cream and haven’t lived if you haven’t tried them.

Well, I hope this brings out the foodie in you, cheers! Excited to visit Europe and taste its great food? Book your Europe package with Pickyourtrail and have a fantastic experience.

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