Top 10 International Colleges for MBA

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    The QS Global MBA Rankings ranks business schools worldwide. Recently, 2021 rankings were released. The rankings are split up into regions including Asia, Canada, Europe, Oceania, Latin America, and the US.

    Pursuing an MBA can be a life-altering decision for you, and you need to be sure of why you want to go for this option. Then it will become easier for you to know what to opt for the preparation.

    The rankings are based on more than ten criteria which form the basis of five key indicators:

    • Employability
    • Entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes
    • Return on investment
    • Thought leadership
    • Diversity

    The top 10 business schools in the QS World Rankings 2021 are:

    1. Stanford Graduate School of Business, US

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    The Stanford Graduate school has jumped up the ranking from the fourth position in 2018. This school has more applicants per spot than any other business school in the US. The Stanford Graduate School of Business is known for its unique, customizable MBA program, allowing students to choose from electives and courses on their own. Another exciting feature of this school is their Global Experience Requirement program. It allows students to study abroad for a minimum of 10 days and get new international experiences.

    The program has an employability rate of 91%.

    Tuition fees ?$119,964

    Base salary ? $156K

    2. Penn (Wharton), US

    Wharton School is known for its dynamic class profile and enabling business environment. The program emphasizes intensive core education focusing on business studies. Due to this, students can enhance their fundamental growth.

    The programs offer a wide array of customization options with its core modules and about 200 electives. The program?s extensive curriculum, career guidance, and study modules have resulted in an employability rate of 98.5%.

    Tuition fees ? $115,432

    Average starting salary ? $150,000

    3.???MIT (Sloan), US

    Established in 1914, MIT Sloan?s MBA program is primarily known for its research facilities and expert faculty members. It focuses on action-oriented learning. Students are motivated to develop and improve their skills through gaining real-life experience. Students can also pursue certifications in various fields such as healthcare and sustainability.

    It is a hub for intellectual rigour, a community of global leaders and a culture of diverse thinkers where emerging leaders feel energized and supported to define their vision of the future.

    The program has an employability rate of 95.5%.

    Tuition fees ? $77,168

    Average starting salary ? $144,140?

    4.??Harvard Business School, US

    MBA programs at Harvard have been started since 1908. The program mainly focuses on creating business leaders by improving candidate?s leadership and analytical skills. The school boasts an excellent student-faculty ratio of 7:1. Furthermore, more than half of students pursuing an MBA program receive merit-based scholarships.

    The program has an employability rate of 90%.

    Course duration ? 2 years

    Tuition fees ? $73,440

    Average starting salary ? $150,000

    5.??HEC Paris

    HEC Paris is said to be one of the most selective business schools in the world. Here, they go beyond technical training – students get distinctive leadership and soft skills training. Its MBA program focuses on creating world leaders by conducting seminars, workshops etc. Above all, the program?s multiple modules and core courses are expensive enough to assist you in fulfilling your business dreams. Besides, the program has reported that about 25% of its students become entrepreneurs.

    The program has an employability rate of 92%.

    Tuition fees ? ? 78,000

    Average starting salary ? ?107,453

    6.??INSEAD, France

    INSEAD is known for being the first school to offer a two year MBA degree in Europe. Later on, it also became the first European university to offer a one year MBA program. Additionally, the program focuses on improving the employability of its candidates by inculcating their leadership skills. With a choice of 75 different electives to choose from, the school boasts an employment rate of 92%.

    Course duration ? 10 months

    Tuition fees ? ?89,000.00

    Average starting salary ? $105,900

    7.??London Business School, UK

    Although LBS was established in 1964, it still retains its position amongst the best B-schools worldwide. The school?s MBA program offers a holistic curriculum with a range of 70+ electives. Candidates at LBS get the benefit of pursuing a customizable curriculum. Moreover, the students get an opportunity to leverage from an extensive network of top 500 global companies. The program has an employability rate of 91%.

    Course duration ? 21 months

    Tuition fees ? ?92,735

    Class profile ? 532

    Average starting salary ? ?83,295.00

    8.?Columbia Business School, US

    It is one of the oldest B-schools worldwide, established in 1916. The school?s features about 200+ electives and several other career options, primarily in entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting.

    The school has an employability rate of 90%.

    Course duration ? 20 months

    Tuition fees ? $77,376

    Average starting salary ? $150,000

    9.?IE Business School, Spain

    IE business school offers multiple managerial programs, namely EMBA, MBA, Ms. in Finance etc. IE?s flagship full-time MBA program caters to student?s professional needs by allowing up to 45% customization in their courses. Moreover, candidates can also choose up to four labs as per their professional interests.

    The program also offers a high ROI, offering a 92% employability rate.

    Course duration ? 11 months

    Tuition fees ? ?72,200

    Average starting salary ? $128,745

    10.UC Berkeley (Haas), US

    The MBA program here focuses on teaching management and strategy to its students. The program?s elective and core courses, conferences and clubs, student activities, applied innovative procedures helps in honing leadership skills.

    With tie-ups from 2500+ recruiters, the program offers an employability rate of 89%.

    Tuition fees ? $106,348 (non-resident)

    Class profile ? 331

    Average starting salary ? $140,000

    Undoubtedly, the US holds the title of the world leader in terms of business school rankings. Although, multiple school rankings may vary depending upon the factors taken into account. However, chances of getting wrong with the given list of B-schools are significantly less.

    Nevertheless, considering your preferences and having a customized application that highlights your achievements and overshadows your weakness is of utmost importance.


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