Top 10 Beauty Parlour Services in Delhi

Going to a beauty parlor occasionally is a common decision for many people, either as a self-pampering treat or to get ready before a special occasion. While there are many professional salon experts available, you should research the available options first.

Many of the experts offer a diverse range of conveniences or possess specialized skills. For the best experience, you should select salon experts who can provide the beauty care services that you

Reasons for visiting a parlor every once in a while

The following are some of the main reasons why you should book a parlor appointment occasionally.

Online salon booking app- Zoylee

For relaxation

The beauty salon experts can provide a range of personal care services for clients, like facials and spas. The techniques and products are soothing, which clients find incredibly relaxing.

Your skin needs cleaning service

Long stressful work and pollutants in the environment like dust and allergens can clog the pores in the skin. Also, improper lifestyle choices like eating unhealthy food and using unsuitable or excess products can increase skin-centric toxins.

Therefore, it is important to opt for skin care and cleansing services from professionals. These procedures are effective in removing impurities from the skin and leaving the dermis layers fresh and healthy.

Your nails need polish

Manicure and pedicure services involve scrubbing, exfoliating, massaging, and coloring the nails. Not only do these improve the appearance of the nails, but also keep them healthy. Moreover, the salon experts clean and care for the cuticles as well.

Hair quality maintenance

Improper hair care activities, too much product use, heat application, and other factors can leave one’s hair rough and damaged. At a good beauty salon, experienced salon professionals can provide hair care services like trimming and hair spas.


Professional grooming activities like massages, waxing, exfoliating, and threading are useful for improving overall body hygiene and appearance. These steps are important for enhancing personal hygiene and health.

Best Beauty Parlors to Visit in Delhi

Geetanjali Salon

You would notice a wide range of options to choose from in terms of beauty care services from the Geetanjali Salon professionals. Hair texture assistance, hair coloring, manicure, keratin treatment, and a wide range of services are ready here.

Zoylee Salon

The professionals available through this service provider are trained in different types of hair care and beauty care techniques. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing a quality vendor for you through the Online salon booking app- Zoylee.  Now you can easily find, compare, choose and book spas and salons near you with real-time confirmation and enjoy wait-free services with Zoylee.

Hence, you can make a quick booking and get professional services at any time.

Indulge Salon

The specialists at Indulge Salon have training in different types of treatments, which attracts a wide clientele. Here, you would notice a range of treatment options, for damaged hair, sensitive skin, anti-aging, and dry skin. They also offer hair straightening, glow facial, and face de-tan services.

ABC Salon

You can avail of many services at this beauty salon, like party makeup, regular makeup, and family makeup packages. Plus, you can also opt for hairstyling services, facials, or waxing options, among others.

Kapils Salon

This salon is one of the most popular options available for men and women. With over 20 years of experience, the specialists here offer many beauty packages. Some of them include hair removal and wash, clean-ups, bridal makeup, chocolate waxing, and treatments. It offers a wide range of beauty and wellness services like Cut & Style, Skincare, Treatments, Hand & Foot SPA, Reflexology, Bridal & Fashion Make-up, Hair Updos, Tattoos and Nail-Art/Extensions etc.

Sanrix Salon

The professionals at Sanrix Salon are trained in multiple services like facials, spa, makeup, waxing, and treatments. They offer assistance with techniques like manicure/pedicure, body polishing, party or wedding makeups, Keratin Treatment, hair spa, and Root touch up.

Makeover Salon

Here, you can opt for services like massage therapies, treatments for skincare, and hair treatments, and hair spas. Moreover, the professionals here also deliver trendy makeup looks for special occasions to female clients. One of the Best Beauty & Hair Family Salons in New Delhi. Beauty’s Bending Makeover Salon in the Indian market was established.

Mirror Salon

At Mirror Salon, the clients can expect a wide variety of services from the workers. These include hair coloring, beauty spa, makeup, haircut, bridal makeup, and facials. Plus, options like anti-aging treatment and sensitive skin treatment are also available. Mirror Salon is a young brand with an exceptional talent for sophisticated consumer post international experience that is on a constant journey to refine and develop their skills.

Slam Salon

For interested clients, Slam Salon introduces many good-quality professional salon specialists who provide a range of services. Some of the most popular choices among customers here include bridal makeup, facials, hair smoothing, beauty spa, and hair cut.

Jia Hair Studio & Unisex Salon

From facials to anti-aging treatments, clients can choose among many personal care choices from this salon. Also, nail-care practices, beauty spa, hair styling, and acne treatments are available at Jia.

What makes Zoylee the best beauty parlor option?

The following are some of the main reasons why you should choose Zoylee as your regular parlor option.

Treats every client special

The experts here are highly customer-oriented and provide all services as per their preferences. Certainly, they focus on keeping all guests comfortable from the beginning of their visit to the end, in terms of service and interaction.

Plus, all professionals are courteous and offer help in anything the customer needs.

Keep everything clean

Cleanliness is an important factor for customers to expect from any service provider. On that front, Zoylee professionals follow the sanitation rules and regulations very carefully. They regularly clean the equipment and rooms, use high-quality products, and follow grooming etiquette perfectly. In this pandemic, this is very important for customers.

Embrace technology

Customers can use the website and Online salon booking app- Zoylee for easier browsing and usage. Indeed, you as a client can book your service, search by location, and pay online through your account. Before booking your service you can check reviews, ratings, and prices.

Not to mention, all subscribers can expect real-time push notifications and similar useful features for a good user experience.

Maintain growth

The professionals at Zoylee focus on tactics that would help them expand, for the benefit of the brand and customers alike. Not only do they follow current trends to improve customer experience, but also analyze company data to make changes for improvement.

Have happy employees

The work environment at the beauty salon is very inclusive and engaging, which improves work productivity. Every worker contributes their points and thoughts, not to mention their voices are valued. This further enhances workflow, communication, and employee satisfaction.


There are many options for personal hair services for beauty at high-quality salons. The professionals at the places mentioned here are well-organized, experienced, and certified. Yet, check all your options and then choose a service provider to rely on. So, whether you want facials, manicures, pedicures, body massages, waxing, threading, or anything else, these parlors offer great services along with seasonal offers. You can book a home visit or visit the parlor yourself.

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