8 Tools to monitor your hashtags

hashtag monitor

Let’s start at the beginning, a hashtag is a label that is used in social networks to group content that is related, the group is preceded by the # symbol, known as hash. This concept is linked to the group, so that clicking can direct you to similar content. They are a key element to increase the presence and visibility as a brand, improve search and create successful campaigns.

They perform a special function in social networks, since by acting as a content grouping tool, they become a creator of categories or sets. They serve as a meter or organizer within social networks. Anyone can add their content to that group, this way, all users participate.

Searching for a hashtag returns all tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, TikTok posts, or whatever the platform contains the hashtag. All creations on the web with the same hashtag are connected and grouped by an invisible thread. Which makes it a tool to boost your Inbound marketing strategy, since they facilitate the search for publications and the synergy of social networks.

Why should I apply them in my content strategy?

Using them on your social networks helps you promote yourself as a company, because tags can make your products and services known. For businesses and personal brands, it’s important to rank on networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube so others can find you when they’re looking for something they’re interested in using your most-used hashtags or searches.

Hashtags can also be a very important tool for web developers interested in SEO to visualize trends and take advantage of social media opportunities. Because they work like a keyword and are grouped into sets. Sets allow users to learn about various publications, based on their needs.

Similarly, hashtags can be used effectively to promote campaigns for business purposes, making them ideal for building a new customer base for a business. However, like all strategies, it is never recommended to use messages in an unnatural and ineffective way. Ideally, use short hashtags that contain keywords that help increase your search engine visibility.

Normally, hashtags represent the latest trends, so you can try to play in your favor so that the algorithm of the social network rewards you for the novelty. If you want to continue reading about how to apply your hashtags on social networks, visit our blog article.

Benefits of hashtags

  • Improve brand awareness.
  • Improve the reach and visibility of your content. Allow users to access you organically.
  • Categorize and group content.
  • Identify potential customers and an audience similar to your buyer personas.
  • Follow-up of publications and conversations about your brand (social listening).
  • Identify the possible causes of a failure in your strategy.
  • Create useful communications or campaigns, which can become a viral phenomenon.
  • Increases interaction with network users.
  • They allow online content or events to be disseminated faster and more accessible, becoming a trending topic.

How should a hashtag be?

  • Concise: It is best to read when it is short, so it can be more easily integrated into any format, channel and conversation.
  • Clear: do not include long numbers, initials or complex words.
  • Communicative: must provide the opportunity to create and focus on dialogue. One of its main goals is to provoke interaction, so it has to be social.
  • Unique: create a unique and original hashtag for your brand that reflects the image, personality and personal brand of the company
  • Ubiquitous: hashtags are one more element of brand communication, they should be part of it, so they should appear everywhere they are needed.

Tools to measure my hashtags

Using a hashtag does not consist of selecting random words, it has to be related to the content you want to promote. Although it may seem like an easy task, you should know that there are some tags that work better than others, so at OCCAM, we want to recommend a series of tools that make it easier for you to select your hashtags.

  • HashtagsForLikes: a tool that allows you to reach organic followers, thanks to its powerful search engine. Generate popular and trending Hashtags for Twitter and Instagram platforms.
  • Tagdef: allows you to identify the most viral hashtags and defines what they mean. Typing a word in the search box displays all the results for that tag.
  • SISTRIX – Allows you to generate popular hashtags relevant to posts. It shows results based on more than 15 billion hashtag combinations, containing data for more than 7.7 million different hashtags.
  • Tweet Archivist – Allows you to see the impact of the hashtag over a period of time in the form of a highly visual graph. You can choose to download the data in .csv or pdf format.
  • Hashtags.org: shows different analyzes of the most used hashtags in the last 24 hours. In addition to checking the most popular hashtags, you can also see what types of users are using them.
  • Flick – is a hashtag generator tool that has everything you need to use hashtags effectively on Instagram. It not only makes it easy to find and manage hashtags, but also shows which hashtags increase your visibility.
  • Photerloo – In addition to generating hashtags to increase organic research, it uses machine learning to create these relevant hashtags and keywords based on the content of your photos. Its operation is simple, you have to drag and drop the images that you plan to publish and it will help you to reveal the hashtags attached to the publication.
  • TweetBinder: enter the term you need in its search engine and it will show you the last 2,000 tweets that have used that hashtag, other related hashtags and useful monitoring statistics.


We see that the hashtag is this label that allows us to group content. Using them well can help us optimize our company profiles on social networks, since they play a fundamental role in social networks. It becomes an essential tool to boost your Inbound marketing strategy, since it makes it easier to search for publications, improves the positioning of your campaigns in networks and gives you the opportunity to viralize your content.

They allow you to connect with a new audience, with whom you most likely share needs, hobbies or tastes, which as companies you can facilitate. Connecting with the right audience benefits you to strengthen ties with the right customers and for them to quickly become familiar with your brand, in addition to having you as a reference in the field that they need.

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