3 tools that will help you become a good copywriter from scratch

The Toolbox, Mastering the basic tools is a plus to start in web writing when you are starting from scratch! The right tools make the right workers, as the famous saying goes. This also applies to web trades. A good web editor must be well equipped to save time and productivity. Personally, I am addicted to many tools that make my daily life easier and help me optimize my working time and my performance. I will introduce you to some of them in this article. Plugins, sites, applications, software, there is always a tool that will help us optimize our actions. Today, I focused on 3 essential tools (plus a little bonus) to help you become a good web editor and improve the quality of your content.

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WordPress, the must-have classic

WordPress is the base if you want to offer professional content. Word Press, we no longer present it (or almost). It is the first CMS (content management system) in the world. On its own, it runs 39% of websites on the internet. It allows (like other CMS), to create, manage and modify the content of your website without requiring specific technical knowledge. Like the journalist working for a newspaper, the writer of his books, you, the web editor, you will need a blog or a site to express your ideas and develop your business .

The benefits of Word Press for your blog

Word Press is a very easy and quick to install CMS . You can easily install it on your own, with the help of a few tutorials. If you don’t feel able to install it, ask around. There will always be someone who does a bit of tweaking on the web and can set it up for you without needing a lot of technical skills.

What’s more, it’s free! Top, right?

It provides free templates , so you can start a copywriting course without spending a dime. You can also buy a paid template, which will generally give you more leeway to personalize your blog, and thus make it more professional. It is also, rather ergonomic , quite pleasant and easy to use. Of course, depending on the theme you have chosen, the complexity of navigation can increase, but it remains accessible to anyone who is comfortable on a computer. This is what made it its strength and reputation, among others.

There are a bunch of plugins! Word Press has a large community, so you will find a lot of plugins that will allow you to analyze and improve your business. With Word Press, you will be able to show the whole world the full extent of your talents. Of course, there are always downsides to using large platforms and Word Press is no exception. I will reveal some of them to you just after

The disadvantages of Word Press for your business

Even though Word Press is completely free, you will need a host and a domain name to install it, and they, on the other hand, are chargeable. What a cruel world! I know, but rest assured, it’s the story of a few euros per month depending on your host (~ 50 € / year). It’s always better in your pocket, that’s for sure, but hey, to grow your business and get profit, I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

I shared above, the advantage of plugins diversity (it’s true and it’s genuinely awesome) however be careful of two things about plugins. The first point concerns security . Unofficial plugins can bring with them scripts that could damage the security of your site. The second point, the performance of your blog and its SEO. Installing lots of plugins will increase your site’s loading speed. In addition to being unpleasant for the user, it could penalize your Google SEO , and devalue your work. If there is an extension to install, it is the one that I present to you right after.

Rank Math, the SEO ally of good web copywriters

An SEO plugin is essential to optimize your SEO! However, I want to warn you that neither Yoast SEO , All In One SEO Pack, Rank Math, or others will make your content irresistible to read.

You are the only master of your words, the only one who can make your readers dream, amaze, laugh, or teach something to your readers. SEO plugins have the sole purpose of improving your SEO by optimizing your content.

Rank Math is a young extension launched in 2018 that I use personally and which will seduce you on many criteria.

Why choose Rank Math for my natural referencing

First of all, the interface is in French. It is rare that an extension offers an interface in French, so let’s take advantage of it! It is very useful to make changes and follow the SEO improvement avenues raised by the tool.

The interface is pleasant, it is readable and fluid. From the first seconds, when installing the tool in the configuration manager, you will notice a desire to be explicit and to teach you about the features.

The functions precisely! What are they ?

Rank Math features to improve article quality The free version offers a large number of features, which is what contributed to its success. You can define SEO meta descriptions , analyze targeted keywords, create an XML sitemap, connect to the search console, add breadcrumbs to your site, count the number of ext / int links, manage redirects, etc. By citing only these.

To go further in your optimization, you can subscribe to the paid offer which will give you access to additional features . Such as monitoring your site’s keyword rankings, an automatic image watermark for your social networks, a Google news seo sitemap , the integration of Google trends, etc. I invite you to take a look at their website to see all the features that may interest you. In the majority of cases, the free version is more than sufficient. For your activity as a Web Writer, it should already bring you good results.

A spell checker, the remedy for all your words

Two checks are better than one! Rereading your articles is a must that goes without saying before any publication, but unfortunately sometimes that is not enough and a typo or two may escape your vigilance.

  • Arm yourself with a spell checker , and why not also a thesaurus to enrich your content.
  • A corrector for double checking
  • The spell checker allows you to proofread and correct your inattentive errors.
  • Text editors (Word, Open office, Google docs) already include a spell checker, but it is not very efficient.

I sincerely advise you to go further, with a double check. I offer you the Scribes corrector, which is an online site offering a very interesting free version of the corrector without registration. The free version is limited in words, but the features still perform well.

Grammatical software to support you in your content

Grammar has never been your strong suit and you feel stuck because of it. Still, you are proficient in a bunch of topics and would love to share your knowledge.

Don’t get stuck with spelling! You have more to offer.

Have the appropriate software ready, and if one isn’t enough, then add it up. The main goal is to successfully publish your stunning and flawless article.

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More advanced software such as Antidote can help you. It is a paid software that will allow you to write your craziest articles. Finally … In any case, it will correct your grammatical and lexical errors brilliantly. It also offers many advantages such as a dictionary of synonyms , antonyms, citations, syntax checking, punctuation, conjugation, lexical fields, etc. It is a software that integrates with editors, and browsers so you will be able to write content anytime and anywhere (messaging, social networks, blog articles, site, etc.) with this corrector.

The bonus to becoming a good web editor

The little extra tool that will make you appear at the top of Google results and that will make you become a good web editor, recognized by your peers, is not a tool, but tools.

You’ve probably heard of Uber Suggest, Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner, SpyFu, Wordstream, SEMrush and more. Sites, and extensions that will help you find the relevant keywords to reach the stratosphere!

Well, in fact, it’s a bit more complicated than that. SEO takes time, includes a lot of factors and on top of that, unfortunately you are not the only ones on the web, and therefore ranking on these keywords.

It is for these reasons that you must from the start of your activity use SEO tools to position yourself on the expressions of your theme as quickly as possible.

Because it is good to write wonderful articles, but it is much more enjoyable when they are read!

The right web editor is in you

The tools will definitely increase your performance , and help you achieve your goals, but nothing can replace the person who writes the words.

(Even if some are seriously working on it with the help of artificial intelligence. So put up resistance by posting the best articles of all time!; P) More seriously, you are the pen, the creativity and the success of your articles. The tools are only the extension of your writing style which help you to increase your performance but the only master of your articles is you.

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