Rainbow Moonstone: To Buy Real And Authentic Moonstone Jewelry

The Magic of Moon: A Look at the Moonstone Jewelry 

If you look at the spellbinding beauty of a full moon shining at its brightest, you can understand the enchantment created by a bright moonstone. Moonstone is said to be possessing the mystic gifts of the moon. It holds the potential to bring the hidden truth of our soul to the light. Moonstone is truly a slice of the moon that you can hold in your hands or wear with pride as a valued real moonstone jewelry piece. 

Moonstone in Different Cultures

Moonstone has traveled for a long time across countries, but it has the most vital significance in Middle age Europe, Ancient Rome, China, and India. It has been used by spiritualists, monks, and other mistakes who were in search of the truth and pursued an inner journey to their soul. The genuine moonstone jewelry has a dreamy luster that abolishes all kinds of superficiality and unifies people from all corners. 

The Indian Roots

The moonstone is considered to be a sacred gemstone in India. It is always sold by keeping on the yellow cloth as the color yellow is also holy. The moonstone is believed to help get rid of ego and achieve spiritual clarity. Even Lord Ganesha, a Hindu god, adorns the moonstone on his forehead. 

Traveler’s Stone

In the early days, the full moon was convenient for sailing as there was brightness even at night. The moonstone is believed to embody this power of the moon and that is why it is also called the traveler’s stone. If you keep it with you while traveling, it can protect you from threats on the road and keep your mind clean for smooth driving. 

Love Stone

Moonstone is not the symbol of love, but it is still a very common wedding present because of its healing effect on partners and lovers. The moonstone purifies the heart and lets it accept others unconditionally. That’s the entire ethos for marriage. It is also known to inculcate passion and also stimulate fertility. 

The Deep Healing

As already mentioned, the moonstone harbors all kinds of energies to bring spiritual peace and deep inner healing. It also helps in the proper digestion and distribution of nutrition in the body by washing out the toxins. It can also be used as an anti-aging stone for immediate influence on the skin, eyes, and hair. 

It can bring peace to mind and calm your heart. You can also filter volatile thoughts with the moonstone. For men, the moonstone also brings equilibrium to their rational and emotional sides. It amplifies the intuitive energy in women. 

How to Use Your Moonstone?

If you purchase quality moonstone jewelry, then you should expect it to produce good results for you. To make a wish, hold the gem in your hand and take a deep breath while uttering your thoughts. You should also keep the moonstone outside during the full moon and the next full moon so that it can absorb the natural energy of the moon. Keep whispering your wish around the moonstone daily until it’s time to bring back the gem inside. Keep it close until your wish actualizes. 

If you have trouble sleeping, you can hold the moonstone in your hand and pray for a comfortable sleep. Keep it under your pillow and notice the difference in your sleep quality.

Getting Your Own Moonstone Jewelry

The moonstone is famous for its rainbow flare and playful lighting. But once you understand its roots and significance, you will have so much to look forward to after getting new moonstone jewelry. It is definitely a slice of the moon for you. 

Are you fascinated by the beauty of this gorgeous gemstone? Wondering where to buy real moonstone? Then you must check out the catalog of Gemexi to get your hands on trending moonstone jewelry styles available in a wide range of patterns and collections. We have embodied the magic of the full moon in our inspired collection of moonstone jewelry so that you can purchase wholesale gemstone jewelry.

Before you go, you should also learn how to check the authenticity of your moonstone jewelry. Please read about it to be an aware buyer and shine through the gorgeousness of your new jewelry. 

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