TMT bars ? The barrier between life and death

tmt bars

Constructing one?s own dream house is a very important milestone in everyone?s lives. How long would that house last though?

That is the quintessential question that needs to be answered before any actual construction work can begin. The answer to that question would be choosing the right building materials. The use of the right brickwork, cement and TMT bars. Out of these three TMT bars needs to be singled out as its impact on a building?s lifespan far outweighs the others.

What do you need to know about construction?

The quality of TMT bars would decide if a building would bite the dust with the slightest tremors or withstand the onslaught of a devastating 7.5+ Richter earthquake. Strong and Flexible TMT bars of the highest quality would surely help with the latter.

Generally, common people such as ourselves place our faith in third-party experts, usually the construction companies when deciding what brand of TMT bars to use. Problem is they aren?t always scrupulous and would choose whatever brand that they have a tie-up with or endorse. Therefore, it is mandatory that we educate ourselves with the knowledge of such things before we jump into the construction phase. It could be a matter of life and death.

Factors to consider when choosing the TMT Bars

There are many variables to be considered when deciding on a TMT bar brand. Some of the principal qualities are:

  1. Corrosion Resistance
  2. Elongation
  3. Earthquake Resistance

1. Corrosion Resistance:

Corrosion is the natural action of the elements and weather acting on the steel. Corrosion weakens the steel and consequently the concrete structure it supports. It does not matter if the TMT bars are very strong and flexible if it is susceptible to corrosion easily without much resistance. Corrosion Resistance of TMT bars greatly amplifies the lifespan of a building. The ideal TMT bars would have well-tempered steel with all the corrosion resisting chemicals in the right proportions.

However, it is impossible, at least as of yet, to completely eliminate corrosion. So, there is a number associated with TMT bars called the Corrosion Rate. The lower the corrosion rate, the longer the TMT bars would last.

2. Elongation:

Elongation as the name implies is the ability to flex. TMT bars needs to withstand a lot of pressure when supporting a lot of weight. The elongation factor decides how much elongation the steel bar can undergo before snapping. Higher the elongation factor, higher the flexibility and therefore more weight can be handled by the TMT bars.

Ductility and flexibility are affected by the carbon content in the steel. TMT bars made with low-carbon steel is the better choice as they offer greater ductility and flexibility.

3. Earthquake Resistance:

Earthquake Resistance is very important in regular areas and an absolute necessity in Earthquake prone zones. Earthquake is basically violent vibrations that cause widespread catastrophic damage. Resonant Frequency of a building is the frequency at which the building will completely collapse. Therefore, building with a higher resonant frequency can withstand a stronger earthquake, thereby allowing time for evacuation.

Also, they need to bend and be flexible enough withstand the earthquake for longer and delay the earthquake vibrations from reaching the resonant frequency. It can be the difference between life and death.

Longer Lasting Houses, what about maintenance?

Usually TMT bars is not exactly something that would be replaced unless the entire structure is demolished and rebuilt. Maintenance is usually protecting the wall surface to mitigate the effects of elements on the inside.

So, have a clear idea on choosing the right TMT bars before constructing your dream house. Don?t let your dreams crumble! For more information visit

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