Tissue Fabrics And Sarees

Tissue Fabrics And Sarees

Tissue fabrics are one of the most feminine, delicate, and refined types of clothes that are woven with extremely fine threads of silk. These silk threads render them very soft and lend them the appearance and texture of tissue paper. As far as silk sarees go, which are a type of tissue fabrics, they are the most famous and most coveted sarees of entire India. It is just like Banarasi silk sarees, and the most common variant of Banarasi silk sarees are Banaras tissue sarees.

These tissue fabrics are extremely popular among the royal class and are lauded for their comfort and regal touch. They are made by reducing the number of weft and warp yarns and are very helpful in decreasing the intensity of the summer months. Silk from Banaras is considered to be the most refined in terms of durability and esthetics. These sarees incorporate gold and silver brocade depending upon the variant of the saree itself and this is the reason that these are very popular in India. These qualities make them stately and truly regal and are probably the most expensive fabric you?ll ever find anywhere in India. This is the very reason that more and more Indian women are interested in buying these sarees for themselves.

The southern states in India are well-known for these sarees because they have their origins in the south. When it comes to tissue fabrics, Uppada is the most famous of all. These versions of tissue fabrics originated in Andhra Pradesh and are lauded for their beautiful blend of silk and pattu zari.

Fine threads of gold and silver are woven with silk to create these absolutely magnificent sarees. They are heavy in terms of weight, yet not as heavy when they boast less work on the material. Due to the intricate work done on them, these dresses are generally best for formal occasions like parties, weddings, and ceremonies. It is due to the caliber of these fabrics that they are not suitable for wearing informally. This is because we are not able to do enough care required for a garment of this caliber.

Something about Kota Doria

Another popular variant of tissue fabrics is Kota tissue sarees also known as Kota Doria. This saree has its origin in Rajasthan and incorporates the beauty and esthetic sense of the state. These sarees are truly state-of-art in terms of looks and quality and stand apart from the rest of the others. They provide quite a distinctive look to the women wearing them and are just spectacular to watch and behold!

What makes them distinct from other variants are regular patterns known as ?Khats? all over the fabric. These khats are square, rectangular, and sometimes oval in shape and render the fabric its distinctive look. They are also embellished with embroidery and glittering stones. They are just stunning, mesmerizing, and spectacular to view.

They are also known as Masuria because of their origins in Mysore. The weavers were brought to Kaithoon, a small town of Kota city, by an army general Rao Kishore Singh. The sarees were originally called Kota-Masuria and then came to be known as Kota Sarees.

Most designer tissue fabrics imbibe a lot of work from Uppada, Kota, and Banaras. It is really hard to find just plain tissue fabrics. However, some women prefer working with plain tissue fabrics to create customized designs suitable for themselves. Among the other variants of tissue fabrics are Chanderi Tissue Sarees that are not the least popular. However, this is a sturdy but famous fabric.

Pro tips

Tissue fabrics are worn only on formal, semi-formal, and special occasions so it is relatively easy to create styles in your own way. Women generally prefer to adhere to the customs of the occasion. It is easy to find women wearing tissue fabrics in weddings and ceremonies. They generally become a cynosure and are seen with heavy jewelry, earrings, Kundan sets, and Meenakari sets.

Intricate and elaborate earrings are a great match for Kota Doria. Maang tikkas, necklaces, nose rings, rings, bracelets, and bangles are also very common and perfect to wear with tissue fabrics.

It is ideal to wear high heels with Kota Doria sarees as they compliment them well. Complementing them with Indian handbags is also appropriate and adds to the overall beauty of the ensemble.

The bottom line

Tissue fabrics are a good welcome gesture for summers as they are light, do not retain heat, and are comfortable to wear. They add to the beauty of the person wearing it as they are very attractive to look upon. They soothe your body literally and provide matchless comfort to your figure. Having a beautiful drape, they are always spectacular to watch and behold! If you are a true fabric lover, you must give tissue fabrics a try.

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