Tips to Prevent Parking Fines at the Airport?

prevent parking airport

A lot of passengers have to suffer heavy airport car parking fines. These fines are mostly incurred when people consciously or unconsciously break airport rules for pick and drop of passengers or vehicle handover for long term parking. 

When it comes to the issue, airport parking fines have two major reasons:

  • Lack of information of the parking process leading to time crunch
  • Scheduling problems leading to bad parking decision 

Both of these problems lead to heavy airport parking fines that a passenger would rather avoid. Do yourself and your pocket a favour and mind the following advice to spare fines as well as the hassle. 

Airport Parking Fines Due to Lack of Information

When people book?meet and greet Manchester?parking deals, they think to have covered their basis which is hardly the case. They also need to see if the parking instructions provided by their vendor match the airport rules. If this information lag is taken care of beforehand, passengers avoid fines altogether but is hardly ever the case.

Avoid Passenger Pick and Drop Fines

Passenger needs to be aware how long they can park their car at the airport terminal forecourt to drop off or pick up passengers. They also need to know if the airport allows you to conduct vehicle hand over at the terminal or they have restricted it to the short term parking plaza where the general entry and exit fees are applicable.

This brings us to the matter of airport fees. Some airports charge for passenger drop off by the minute. There are very strict about the timing because if you paid for 5 minutes they will make you exit on time whether your drop is completed or not. If you do not leave you will get fined. Then you have to circle back, get in line, pay again and complete the drop-off. For this purpose not need to find out how much the airport is charging so that you can keep enough cash on you not have to debate the issue and waste a lot of time there.

Avoid Vehicle Pick and Drop Fines

If you have booked an off-site service to take care of your parking, you must make it certain that you understand the complete operation and payment rules. You must know where your car handover is to take place, whether or not the airport allows so and if there will be any charges for it that are not included in the parking deal you bought. The parking deals usually have this info for you. But if it does not specify anything that you need to know you must call their customer service centre and ask. If you are to hand over your car at the terminal, find out if it is allowed or charged for. If you have to hand over the car at the short-stay parking plaza, it?s a given that you have to pay airport parking plaza entry and exit fees for it.

The best vendors operating with proper logistics that follow the airport rules and regulation for the parking conduct provide all the necessary info for their customers to make their experience worth their while. Their Manchester airport parking deals specify if any pick and drop fees will be required from them. This way they know about the additional charges and are not taken off guard. It is also helpful in saving time that you keep that exact cash handy and in easy access. If your parking deal does not specify this fee, you should assume that you will have to pay it or contact the customer services centre to confirm.

The parking providers offer deals at multiple airports and may to be aware of their individual rule for parking for drop off or vehicle hand over. So, it falls on you to ensure that you have all the info need to assure that you are not breaking any rules.

Airport Parking Fines Due to Lack of Proper Time Scheduling

Even with all the info at their disposal, something a situation arises where people make a certain decision either by themselves or by acting on an ill-advised suggestion of their parking agent which ultimately lead them to have to pay for fines. To avoid such misconceptions you should also have the necessary info at hand to make the right decision on time.

If you fail to schedule you cheap airport parking Manchester properly and are late for arrival due to any reason, your vendors can refuse services and not be liable for a refund. This situation will need you to book airport official parking facilities at a pretty steep price putting a huge dent in your travel expense. This could be avoided if you time your arrival and parking accounting for certain extreme situation.

Sometimes passengers choose to break the rule knowingly they will be fined due to extreme situations like they got stuck in traffic or had to navigate bad weather to get to the airport and now they need their parking to be done quickly so that they do not end up missing their flight. These problems call for accounting certain time taking scenarios in your airport arrival and parking schedule during the planning phase. Being early is always going to be in your favour.

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