4 Vital Tips to improve an electrical business through unfavourable conditions

There is just no second opinion that in the ongoing pandemic situation electrical services industry is in a bad shape. The question is how can the situation be reversed and favourable for the industry? Here are few tips that can open up hidden doors of untapped potential. 

Stay in touch with your contact database

This is high time to be more professional. Just pull your socks up, as the proverb goes, and move all your professional contacts in one location. If you already are a methodical contractor and have this problem sorted out then obviously feel free to ignore. You goal is to improve the process of your business development. As a pro you may consider using any of the following utilities to get more organised – MS Exchange, MS Outlook or a simple Excel sheet. There are several CRMs (customer relationship management) available too that make the work easier. Moreover you can easily customise those applications to cater to your specific requirements, assures one of the best electricians in London.  

Remember that this activity of moving all your contacts to a centralised location should be an ever continuing activity. Stay in touch with the contacts at regular intervals. Maintain a records of those interactions, like last contact date and status of contacts. You may also leave a field for any missing contact data. On the other hand do keep adding new contacts to the centralised list. The never-ending job is undoubtedly tedious but is well worth the effort by all means.  

Bank upon ‘meet and greet’ opportunity

In case you are a big fish in the pond then try to impress the target audience with your status. Get owners and GCs (general contractors) to show your sprawling office space, extensive staffs, fleet of vehicles and such other things. The target is to make it clear to them that you are by no means a typical subcontractor. Let them know that you possess the operational capability as well as the facility to handle gigantic projects. 

Things that cut the ice include office equipment that effortlessly handles drawings and generate submittals fast, dedicated pre fab areas, smart systems that track systems and manage tools, onsite material storage. These items and some more not only showcase your diehard professionalism but also the capability to roll in a second’s notice.  

Team bonding is vital

Projects are awarded as a part of business deal. A lot of dynamics play their roles in awarding project like costing. But in electrical contracting business one thing that can help you win contracts is strong relationships. The manager whom you are friend with and who gives you all the work and never questions your billing.  The vendor who offers you a break on the cost tells you about probable projects that are about to enter into the market. The general contractor who advises you to revise your scope as well as costing on public works projects. If such things occur rarely then you must take a serious note on your relationships. If the things occur frequently then you have to consider their value and accept their contribution in your success. You have to keep cultivating those relationships further.

Remember this word of truth – relationships are the building blocks to business transactions. As far as your organisation is concerned, every individual has nurtured a relationship with someone or the other to fetch something meaningful for your business. Going by the total number of employees in your payroll it is your responsibility to determine the most effect means to generate warm, reliable bonding in your office. Maybe let them set up in small groups for roundtable sessions to compare notes on your customers. This is a great way to share insights. It also helps opening up discussions. Moreover such closely knitted sessions help develop warm relationships among team members.  

‘Word of mouth’ reference matters

When you are about to paint your home what do you do? Instead of opening up the painters’ section of the yellow pages you ask your neighbour or a friend, who has painted his home recently, to recommend the right tradesman. ‘Word of mouth’ even in this hardcore digital age can work wonders for the service industry. As a smart businessman you should never ignore it.  

Now how do you make this tool work for you? A local electrician in London says the most effective branding tool is to provide customers with amazing service. But mind you the ‘amazing’ feel must come from the customer. And the ‘word of mouth’ branding for your business gets triggered on its own. Name branding is effective to stay in someone’s mind. Accumulation of experiences invokes the value of your organisation and that is brand recognition for your customers.  

These are few basic touch up points that you need to elaborate as well as customise to improve your scope of success. 

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